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Did it ever happen with you that you had been searching a software giveaway,tutorial,ebook,music etc for a long time,you got it after continuous search of hours,weeks or months ( few searches last forever ) used it and moved away ? I guess it happens mostly but what about the other people searching for the same stuff on the internet who were not lucky enough like you and still searching the stuff.Well,I always believe in " Sharing Is Caring " and its one of the reason I started this blog.Our simple sharing can help many people still surfing the stuff that we found on internet but how?

Last year I shared with all ShareThis widget that I use on Experts Galaxy as well that helps user to share the content on their favorite social networking/bookmarking platform.So all the blog owners running it on blogger platform can use the widget to add social bookmarking buttons to their blog so that anytime a user wishes to share the content with others,can do the same with few clicks.So I answered the above asked question that how you can help other people to find the stuff you just explored but the thing is how you would help in sharing the content if there is no sharing button on your explored content ?

As I told you all in my previous post itself that I use ShareThis for this blog on blogger to ease the work of  sharing in social media and Shareaholic on my Wordpress blogs I would like to add that I always use the Shareaholic browser addon to share the content I like so that others can find it easily as it will start floating in my shared bookmarking sites.You can also get the addon for your browser from the link below

You just need to click the option depending upon your need if you want the browser plugin or social sharing buttons for your website as shown in the image below

Now just click the green button to add the browser plugin as shown below

Currently it supports the following browser

1 ) Mozilla Firefox

2 ) Google Chrome

3 ) Microsoft Internet Explorer

4 ) Apple Safari

5 ) Opera

Isnt available for your browser?Let me know which browser are you using as I dont use any other browser as if now apart from the ones listed above.

Once you will install the plugin it displays an icon in your browser as shown below that you can customize furthur depending upon the social bookmarking sites you hold an account with.

Incase you want it for your blog/website you need to select the second option instead of the first one that we selected above and after that select your blogging platform then click on create widget as shown in the image below

Here is the direct link that shows how to add shareaholic to your Wordpress blogs like I did on mine

Incase your blogging platform is not listed with Shareaholic I would recommend to go with ShareThis which is also very easy to install on different blogging platforms.Here you can see the steps to install ShareThis on your blogging platform.

If you wish to use Shareaholic only,select the website option then select either from "Classic Bookmarks Or Sexy Bookmarks " and click on next as shown below

Now customize the buttons as per your requirement then click on get buttons

Copy the code from the box and paste it in your blogging platform or website,wherever you wish it to appear.

So,are you already a Shareaholic ? If not,you must be then and now you know how you can help others to find the stuff easily that you searched a lot.

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