Internet is expanding rapidly and hence the number of blogs and websites, as a result more and more domain names are getting registered from different registrars. Earlier GoDaddy was one of the famous registrars but now many other are there in the market and changing the older trends of domain registration. Many GoDaddy customers are switching to different registrars and is one of them.

Many of my domains were registered with GoDaddy but gradually I moved most of them to Name however as of now only 2 of my domain names are active. I register a domain name if I could think of a nice name to use in future and if I make my mind to register a new domain name then also my first choice is unless I get a coupon code for first year from GoDaddy or any other domain registrar. provides Whois protection for $3.99 but you can get free private registration using a coupon code ( As of now you can use PRIVACYPLEASE at the time of checkout ). When you have multiple domains like me, say around 20 then it helps in saving enough $$ ( Normally it costs around $10 for private registration of a domain to avoid spammers and using the services of, I save near about $200/year ) to donate elsewhere for a good cause.

Domain names are our valuable digital assets and we need to protect them as well like our email accounts and other digital property from unauthorized access and transfers. There is an authorization key associated with every domain name and if one gets access to it then a domain name can be transferred to another registrar.

I remember an incident where a famous blogger, temporary lost the ownership of his domain because of illegal transfer and then the new owner asked him too much amount for his own domain. Though he was able to get back the domain name under his account by contacting the old and the new registrar but it is not so easy always, as it was for him being a famous blogger.

Initially email service providers like Gmail started providing 2-step verification security followed by Hotmail & Yahoo but gradually many other different kind of digital service providers started providing this kind of extra layer of securit. It is actually a good step towards security so that the clients remain protected in the modern age of computers.

My domains are registered either with GoDaddy or with ( Few exceptions are there like this one ). GoDaddy also provides the two step security where you can add your mobile number in your account to receive an extra code to login to your account. GoDaddy provides this security feature only to US mobile customers though it has customers from all over the world like me that remained unprotected because of no support to our mobile carriers. ( I will post the update once it starts the security feature for all ). also initiated the same sort of security feature for its customers but they were only providing it via a hardware device ( NameSafe Key Fob that you need to purchase separately for $35 ) that generates the additional code after every 60 seconds. The hardware device is binded to an account so that only the owner with the hardware device can login to the respective account. I was about to order it many times but don't know why I always changed my mind at the time of checkout. Finally, one fine day I made my mind to order it but then I noticed that they added another option for second layer of security which is NameSafe Mobile.

Initially, I used to face a lots of problem to login to my account as the extra field to type in the additional code did not use to come easily. I contacted the support team ( being a customer for too long I only contacted them two times, may be because of their friendly interface and easy to use setup ) and they informed me that things are still under development and many customers were facing the same issue at that time. Now things seem to be fine so I am sharing the tip with you to enable the security layer to protect your domain names.

Now let us see how you can enable the second layer of security to protect your domain names purchased via

1) Log in to your account and visit the link given below:

 2) On the new page, click on " Manage credentials for your account " as shown below:

Manage NameSafe Account Credentials

 3) Also, click on the link " " as shown in the image above or visit the same in your mobile browser to install the application in your phone. Once you visit the link, select the type of phone that you use and then follow the on screen instructions to install the application. They also provide the VIP access for PC and Mac so that you can generate the security code however I would recommend to use the mobile application or the VIP Security Credential Hardware offered on their website. If someone gets access to your computer then he can get the password of your account along with the security code generated by the software installed in the computer however it is comparatively difficult to get the access of your machine and mobile both, though it is not impossible. For extreme security, use the hardware security code generator like me. You can also see the list of websites here where you can use the VIP access application or hardware.

4) Once the application is installed, we need to register the VIP Access at the member site so the site recognizes the credential ID. For, we will do the same using the option stated in Step number 2 which is Manage Credentials for your account. First of all, open the application in your mobile device to get the credential ID as shown below:

VIP Access Android Application

5) Now click on " Manage credentials for your account " and add a credential using the VIP Access application in your phone as shown below:

Add NameSafe Account Credential

6) Once the credential is added, log out from your account. From next time onwards, once you type in your user name and password followed by a click on the login button then it would ask to punch in the security code generated by the VIP Access application so that you can successfully login to your account as shown below:

Name Domain Registrar Security

The good thing which I always liked about is the information about Login attempts. Irrespective of the settings of VIP Access in your account, every-time there would be a successful or failed login attempt, you would get an email from along with the IP address from where the attempt was made. I have not seen this kind of login warning and security in any other domain registrar till now. You can also change the login attempt settings by following the instructions below:

1) Log in to your account and then click on " Account " option at the top right and then on " Account Settings " as shown below: Account Settings

2) You will see the Manage Account Settings page, please click on " Edit Security Settings " under " Account Security Settings " as shown below: Manage Account Settings

On the account security settings screen, you can change the email notifications as per your need. If you are using a static IP then you can also opt for Account Level IP Address Access Restrictions as per your requirement.

If you are using another domain registrar that provides more security to protect the domain names then do let us know so that we can check them out.

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