How to Resolve the Google Blogger Https Error?

Blogger is one of the most famous blogging platform where you don't need to worry about the hosting and security of your blog. There are many blogs across the globe that are running on the blogspot platform and if one knows HTML/CSS then can make full use of it. With the passage of time, Google have been introducing new features in the blogging platform which are at par with the other CMS in the market like adding custom domain, using https etc.

Dear Friends,

Hope you all are fine and safe with your loved ones!

Its been quite long, and you all must be wondering where am I? Though I planned to post like older days many times, but new learnings didn't give much time along with restricted work environment. Earlier, it was for home users and later planned for Enterprise Users as well but then things kept going on. I am glad that few of you are connected to me on other platforms via different pages and might have seen a lot of free stuff posted as usual, where it is easy to share the things quickly.

The more I meet people, the more people are ready to blog. People have knowledge of different fields and if they share it with others then good for everyone. Blogging is not that difficult now, the way it used to be when I started it long time back but yes proper blogging is still an art. To launch a blog, you don't need to have a domain, but if you own one then its good to have one :)

Its been around 1.5 years, we have not arranged license giveaways as I was planning to move them all on a separate domain: Softwares Community. Many of you, were already subscribed but it wasn't active because of hosting issues. Experts Galaxy would be a tutorial only blog as per Consumer or Enterprise users, though you can subscribe to both of them.

Blogging is no more a new word and very soon it would be one of the most demanding skill. Already I get too many calls to be a Technical Writer or Senior Technical Writer from so many companies though I prefer to write here or as a freelancer including my other blogs. Blogging world is increasing rapidly with the increase in technology and hence the demand of bloggers as well.

When I was new to the blogging world, then I learned and configured the webmaster tools for Google, Bing and Yahoo and after that I was only focused on the content. Yesterday, I launched the enterprise version of this blog and few other blogs are in queue for launch and re-launch including SoftwaresCommunity. So, I thought of adding those URLs in the webmaster tools for better search engine indexing.

I have been planning to launch the enterprise version of Experts Galaxy for quite a long time. Initially, I was waiting for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to begin the blog, but then I planned to launch it with the Linux world (Details would be shared later in a blog post). I have already shared many Linux installations here and now there is the CentOS installation, which is used in many companies as Linux Server.

Best Free Android Applications For Your Smartphone

Android is one of the most famous Linux OS, which people don't know. It is a Mobile OS based on Linux and customized by different companies. I have been using an Android phone for around 3 years now and quite happy to make a switch being an Open Source Supporter. There are so many free applications available to make the phone more smarter, however all of them are not worth installing. Many of them are useful, then also we can't install them because of the limited capacity of our phones.

Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrar or atleast people are familiar with it. I started using the services of Godaddy around 12 years back when I linked to a WordPress installation. Like other people, even I was only aware of Godaddy and hence my domains were registered via it.

Kaspersky has always been in our favorite list if we talk about Antivirus. If you are regular at Experts Galaxy then you must be running a good security software and that too for free. Running a good Antivirus doesn't guarantee the security of your PC, if the other software are outdated. Anyone can make use of the vulnerabilities present in the older version of the installed software to bypass the security software.

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