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Its been quite long, and you all must be wondering where am I? Though I planned to post like older days many times, but new learnings didn't give much time along with restricted work environment. Earlier, it was for home users and later planned for Enterprise Users as well but then things kept going on. I am glad that few of you are connected to me on other platforms via different pages and might have seen a lot of free stuff posted as usual, where it is easy to share the things quickly.

If you are still not connected on our FB/Twitter pages then please connect asap to not miss anything. Rest, I am also planning to create videos as its easy at times to just record the screen of hands on lab (You read it right, its time for you to learn advance things too other than fixing home computers), but then learning video editing is again a big task for me at the moment.

Nevermind, I will try to get you all the learning in the best possible way and hence this post. Most of you would be in lock down in different parts of the world and got enough time to learn new stuff. As I keep on learning new technologies be it Windows, Linux, Networks, Cloud or Security and so on :) so thought to write this post where I will keep on updating all the free (obviously the good ones) courses and certification that you can do in free time increasing your knowledge and cert deck.

Many people asked me the best way to learn computer security so I wrote a post here on my Personal Blog and hence the post here will have all the basic + advanced courses. Even for home users, this blog got many security related posts from their system to email accounts along with Softwares Giveaway which are coming back soon :)

As per my keen interest in security, I learn and encounter many new tools and techniques. In the security industry the first step is to find a Vulnerability that can be used by Malicious people to attack your system/site and hence two software are famous in market: Qualys & Nessus.

1) Qualys is one of the famous Vulnerability Scanner that can help find weakness in your system/site and can also help you in fulfilling the PCI-DSS goals being a PCI approved ASV. Earlier, it used to be on-premise setup but now they are more about the Cloud setup. I am not sure when, but found out that their training and certification are free for everyone now. So make sure you explore the link shared below and can be a Qualysguard trained and certified person like me and many others.

Qualys Vulnerability Management Certified Specialist

2) Oracle has entered the Cloud segment which is already a famous and one of the most widely used commercial database. As per the growing demand of cloud, there is an increased demand of Cloud Certified Professionals as well. None of the other major cloud providers have provided free certification yet, as per my knowledge.

I always thought that Oracle can only enter the market by offering free Cloud usage to enterprises for few months, or atleast an year else who would like to switch from their running AWS & Azure. No one will switch just for the free time as it costs a lot to Enterprises and hence they would expect better service too.

Hence, Oracle did a great job in making their training free for everyone and for the moment they have also made the certification free to enroll till 15th May 2020. You can register for the exam now and can give later whenever you wish. I registered for few exams to appear around August and have completed all the below mentioned trainings which are good to begin your cloud journey for free.

I have done many Cloud training from different instructors for different vendors but Rohit Rahi's basic cloud foundation training in one of the courses above is one of the best you would get. I wish someone would have told me cloud this way, when I started learning it 2 years back.

3) Fortinet is one of the famous Network Security company and well known for its Fortinet firewall. Recently they have made their Cyber Security training free so that you can understand the security perspective of network and gradually can become the Network Security Expert (NSE 8)

Don't worry if you don't know much about networks, I will post free courses from Udemy soon which will increase your knowledge in different fields.

4) As I already mentioned about Nessus as one of the famous Vulnerability Scanner, then you must be curious to learn it as well. They also have a Home edition known as Nessus Essentials, else their Pro version is costly as you can see in the image below:

Tenable Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
Don't worry, learn using the free version and once you get a job in VA/PT then you would get a hold of Pro version. Please visit the link below to learn Nessus:

Its never too late to increase your knowledge, so don't hesitate to start learning from the above courses. Do share these with your friends, relatives and needy so that we get a better secure world. I will try to be more regular than the previous couple years so that we stay in touch here as well. Don't forget to connect with me on other pages where I share a ton of knowledge in different fields. I will soon post about my Pages and Blogs so that you would be continuously updated.

Are you facing any computer problem that you want to get fixed for free? We have many tutorials here still you need someone to answer the questions? Click here to join our Forum ( As if now we have closed the forum option but will start it soon )to get help & interact with other members.
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