The more I meet people, the more people are ready to blog. People have knowledge of different fields and if they share it with others then good for everyone. Blogging is not that difficult now, the way it used to be when I started it long time back but yes proper blogging is still an art. To launch a blog, you don't need to have a domain, but if you own one then its good to have one :)

If you read my earlier post around 2.5 year back, then you already know that Google launched its Domain Registration service in US. I have been waiting for it to launch in India and finally they are available here. Earlier, if you have a US credit card or can arrange one then you could register a domain with them. Though, I have been waiting to use an Indian one.

Thanks to my friend Vivek, who sent me an email to attend a free "One day Google Cloud Instructor Led Training'. It seemed a spam to me and when I checked the domain authenticity then surprisingly it showed the name servers of Google Domain. Any registered domain using Google Domain services can use their name-servers, but then I got a chance to check their availability in India.

Google needs to take extra precautions for the domains hosted and registered through their services. People who are not aware about usage of name-servers and other keywords of domain registration, can get confused with the services assuming them from Google. To register a domain you need to visit:

And follow the instructions explained here in the previous post to register a domain. However, transferring a domain is not difficult either and like other Google interfaces, its simple as explained below:

1) Click on the transfer option at the left hand side and then type the domain name you wish to transfer. Make sure that all the requirements meet to transfer the domain as highlighted below, including the Authorization Code.

Transfer Domain Google Registrar
2) You can see that when I unlocked the domain at, who is my current registrar then Google detected it as shown below:

Unlock Domain Name Transfer

3) Once all the pre-requisites are met, which need to be done at your current registrar then you will see all options in green as shown below. You can also see that the Billing/Legal Country is India, apart from its available in US, UK and Canada.

Prepare Your Domain For Transfer

4) Now in Step 2, if you wish then you can import the existing web settings.

Import Your Domain Web Settings

5) Finally, the transfer step and it shows you the final price including everything. The pricing for Google Domains is quite competitive. They charge you $12 for a .com domain which includes free private registration. Other Domain Registrars charge you the same amount without private registration. If you have a coupon code (Its easily available in a Google Search) then offers you free private registration on applying it.

Final Google Domain Transfer Option
6) Then it will ask you to verify/enter contact information, followed by the payment details:

Domain Transfer Contact Information Confirmation

7) Once completed, you will get an email with a link from Google to verify the transfer. You need to confirm the transfer:

Transfer Your Domain To Google

8) After that the request will go to your current registrar as shown below and once confirmed then the domain would be transferred to Google.

Domain Transfer Out Notification

If I don't contact Name, then the domain would be transferred to Google. This is a very generic process of Domain Transfer from one registrar to another. Google is providing the pre-requisites check to avoid any interruption in transfer. At times, I got transfer declined when I forgot to unlock the domain at the current registrar.

Once completed then would be hosted by Google in terms of Domain Registration & Web Hosting. The DNS provider is CloudFlare which is another essential thing to configure for Blogs & Websites.

I am not sure why Google silently launched the service in India or if they have done any blog post then I missed it. However, I didn't notice any technical news about it and hence wrote this mini tutorial of domain transfer. There are many new friends of mine, who are entering the world of blogging and registering a domain. This is a good news for them including me as the competition will be good now among Name, Namecheap & Google.

Few people think that GoDaddy is a very big domain name registrar. It used to be, but customers are moving away from them because of bad customer service and poor GUI. I am being one of them, as I have already transferred all my domains from GoDaddy to Name. It is a tough time for them now.

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