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Bloggers are emerging with the increasing number of internet users like the users of many social networking sites. Few people like to blog as a hobby of writing about their interest like food recipe, poems, SMS, places they visit and many people are also there who blog to earn money. Different people have different purpose behind blog writing and they are using different platforms for the same. I remember that around eight years back I started my first blog on the free Wordpress.

It hardly matters which platform you use for your blog and it is always a good topic for debate but if your content is good, its widely indexed by search engines. I have been using Blogger for this blog since the beginning and never thought of moving it to a self hosted Wordpress even though I have a paid hosting account, but I always missed many things on Blogger as well like an easy to use free contact form, premium DNS and a good comment system.

Now after many modifications and implemetations, I have done many things on this blog like my other self hosted WP blogs. I never liked the default comment system of blogger and replaced it with a much better comment system from Disqus that too for free. It has been on the internet since 2007 and I must say it is the most successful third party comment system till now even there are other commenting systems as well like Livefyre started in 2009 & IntenseDebate started in 2006 but after using Disqus, I never thought to try anyother comment platform.You can see the live demo of Disqus on this blog itself and if you think that it should be on your blog too then

You can register an account free @


As if now it supports Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many other blogging platforms listed on the left hand side of the first image for WP installation below ( second half of this post contains the installation for Wordpress and you can see, if it supports your blog`s platform ). You can also get the universal code to install the comment system on your website. Now after signing up, it will show you the install instructions screen as shown below.

Comment Installation Platform Selection

I selected Blogger there and then it would show you the installation instructions for it. You need to click the button as shown below. You can also visit the url http://shortname.disqus.com/admin/install ( replace shortname with your username ) anytime to go to your installation settings. After the selection of platform it will give you the instructions for the selected option.

Disqus Blogger Installation Settings

After that it will ask you to login to your account incase you are not logged in and then will show a screen to select a blog where you want to install the comment system. You can also name the widget here so that later on you can identify the widget from your layout screen and then click add widget as shown below.

Add Disqus Page Element

So just in few clicks Disqus commenting system will be installed on your Blogger blogs that too for free. Its an awesome commenting system with so many inbuilt features to customize the comment platform on your blog. Earlier when I initially started using it, there was an option of price plans that you can select anytime if you wish to upgrade your plan from free to premium depending upon your requirements as mentioned in the plans, but now you need to contact them for the quotation depending upon your requirement.

Installed Disqus On Blogger

Now you must be thinking what will happen to your older comments that were there in the previous commenting system, do not worry in Disqus there is an option to import all your older comments by visiting Tools >> Import >> Blogger as shown below. You can also sync your comments in the new comment system with Blogger.

Import Disqus Comments

Above instructions are for the Blogger blogs, now lets see how to install the new comment system in Wordpress. On the install screen you need to select WP as your blog platform and click on next. It will show you the installation instructions as shown below for newer versions as well as older version of the platform. It is always recommended to use the latest version of any blogging platform as it contains the bug fixes and older versions can be easily compromised in comparison to the newer version.

Disqus Wordpress Installation Steps

Now login to your blog`s dashboard and at the left hand side click on plugins >> add new. Now search for " Disqus Comment System " as shown in the image above and install the plugin as you do with other plugins. Now click on activate as shown below

Wordpress Disqus Plugin Activation
After activation, go to your plugin`s list and click on settings under Disqus as shown

Disqus Wordpress Plugin Settings

On the next screen click on install option at the top right and login using your account details

Disqus Plugin Login Screen

After that select the blog`s name where you are installing Disqus

Disqus Plugin Blog Selection

Once you click on next, Disqus will be installed on the selected blog. You can go to advanced options on top right to export your comments from Wordpress to Disqus as shown below or you can also sync the comments from Disqus to your local Wordpress database depending upon your choice.

Export Wordpress Comments Disqus

This is a very nice comment system using which you can replace the default comment system of many blogging platforms including Blogger and Wordpress. Recently they have released the new version of the comment system for everyone, the only thing that I do not like in the new version is that it does not have any option for pre-moderation of comments before they appear on the blog but it was there in the older version. When I contacted the support team, I got a quick reply that there is a workaround for this after reverting to the previous version by de-selecting the Disqus 2012 checkbox at the top of the Disqus admin's Settings > General page and then saving the updated settings. Then we need to choose the pre-moderation setting under Settings > Moderators > Pre-moderation. This setting will carry over to Disqus 2012 silently.

I must admit this is the fastest reply I have ever experienced for any free product that too the second time else it is so easy that you rarely will have to contact them. Are you using any other commenting system that you think is much better than this one. Do let us know why you think the other one is better than Disqus.

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