Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrar or atleast people are familiar with it. I started using the services of Godaddy around 12 years back when I linked to a WordPress installation. Like other people, even I was only aware of Godaddy and hence my domains were registered via it.

Later on, I came to know about a website which was full of negative reviews about Godaddy, could be a frustrated customer of the company. I am not sure about the authenticity of the site and reviews but it really scared me and then I started moving my domains to other registrars. I guess, later on the domain was purchased by Godaddy as it was redirecting there when I checked it few months back.

I must say that if you need to buy a new domain name at the cheapest price then Godaddy is a good domain registrar, however from second year onward I transfer my domain to another registrar. My other domain registrar like also provides 2-step security to protect the domain account, however Godaddy provides the same only to US customers. They should also give importance to customers residing in other country.

Because of this, I transferred remaining of my important domains to namecheap and now only one was registered with Godaddy. I had already moved most my domains from Godaddy to Namecheap because of their poor customer service, late rather no replies of emails. Last month, I tried to register 8-9 domains with Godaddy as it provides the best price for the new registration but failed to do so. It gave me a constant error as shown below, no matter what I try to fix the error. I couldn't make the payment and hence I had to register the domains via

Godaddy Domain Registration Error

Last year as well I got similar sort of error while buying or renewing the domain name so I sent an email to the support. I got very irresponsible reply and then didn't send a second email to them. I transferred the domains which I was trying to renew as it happened in the past that they send very immature replies which I never expected from Godaddy.

Anyhow, recently I read somewhere that they have also closed the email support and I was wondering that how to contact them then? I am from India and if I call them then it might cost me around 10 times the renewal fee of  a domain. I already made my mood to transfer the last remaining domain at the time of renewal and today I have started the procedure for the same.

I also gave a call to 040-49187600 which is mentioned on as as now redirects here for us. The number was for Hyderabad, India and I am glad that they have something for Indian customers. I might buy a domain name for them in future along with the Window Hosting as they are the only one providing unlimited Windows Hosting among the big brands.

I wish they would have provided multi factor security and chat support for customers outside US. I would have loved to keep few of my domains with them but I am not sure why they were not serious about the business outside United States. Also, they need to keep a steady design atleast for a long time. I am not sure why they keep on experimenting with the UI options which is quite frustrating for customers.

Anyhow, I wish them luck as Google Domain is there and would be launched in India as well with phone support. I enjoyed my journey with Godaddy which could have been perfect. Still, I hope that I would do some business in future as they provide one of the best prices, though I always prefer better customer service.

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