Kaspersky has always been in our favorite list if we talk about Antivirus. If you are regular at Experts Galaxy then you must be running a good security software and that too for free. Running a good Antivirus doesn't guarantee the security of your PC, if the other software are outdated. Anyone can make use of the vulnerabilities present in the older version of the installed software to bypass the security software.
Secunia is a good software that I covered few years back to patch the security of your computer, however it relies heavily on IE for its settings and other work. As you all know, everyone doesn't use IE specially people like me aren't aware of much settings in IE, now. So, there is another software from Kaspersky which can be used for the purpose.

Kaspersky Software Updater, which is in beta as of now would help you in closing the security software breaches. You don't have to do much with this software apart from few clicks.

1) Please download the software from the below link:

2) Then it will show you the list of updates

Kaspersky Software Found Updates

3) Select the listed products and then click on update selected button as shown below:

Kaspersky Software Update Selection

4) It will start the installation process

Kaspersky Installation Task Running

5) The task would fail if the internet gets disconnected. Once again click on the button to resume the process

Kaspersky Updater Installation Task Failed

6) Once completed, you can run the scan again to cross check the things

Kaspersky Software Update Completed

7) It will scan the computer again though you can stop it anytime

Kaspersky Software Updater Scanning

8) Kaspersky Software updater will confirm that everything is up to date and nothing needs to be done, as of now.

Kaspersky Updater Congratulations Screen

You can run the software in short internals of say one week or one month to update the software in your computer. Updated software are part of security as it fixes the bugs and loop holes providing you the enhanced features in new release.

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