I have been planning to launch the enterprise version of Experts Galaxy for quite a long time. Initially, I was waiting for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to begin the blog, but then I planned to launch it with the Linux world (Details would be shared later in a blog post). I have already shared many Linux installations here and now there is the CentOS installation, which is used in many companies as Linux Server.

I have seen many people, who are interested in computers or would like to fix their computer. This is the reason, I created Experts Galaxy as I want everyone to be an Expert in the Galaxy. I started this blog around 6 years back as a hobby then added tutorials for my team (When I used to work with Dell International) to refer the same, while fixing the computers. Later on, I noticed that many people are referring the same and then continued the journey with everything I do and fix.

I started with Windows, then covered few basics of Linux, followed by Apple, Android etc. By the end of next year, you would see almost everything (including iPhone & Raspberry Pi) for a home user as I keep doing different stuff and experiments. Many people are interested in Servers & IT, so they can start from basics with us on the enterprise version of the blog.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a geek while starting with us, as I always remember that I started from scratch too. I have already shared all the tutorials for installing Windows & Linux here, in a virtual environment as well. So, you can prepare you lab and feel free to comment if you face any issues. Once the lab is ready then you can deploy Linux Server or Windows Server as a Domain Controller as per the tutorials.

Please refer the link here to visit the Enterprise Version of this Blog, its a good time to stay updated with the newsletter so that you should not miss any update either for Linux or Windows Server. I have also deployed all the social share buttons as well so that you can share the tutorials with your Friends and Relatives. Never, think to be a geek alone, its always good to share knowledge with everyone to build a better Digital World, a better Planet indeed.

The blog is running with SSL from Comodo and you would be learning the complete Microsoft PKI along with Linux Certificate Server. Anything else, you wish to learn then please drop a comment here or there and I will take care as time permits. I am already interested in Linux, MS Server, PKI, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Security so that will be covered, automatically.

Later on, I would also re-launch a forum so that everyone can get support for free, instead of relying on non-trained technicians from the Vendor. Active members of this and that blog would be the moderators of the forum, whenever it would be re-launched. Wish you all luck with the new launch and hope to see you there :)

Neeraj Rawat
Experts Galaxy &

Are you facing any computer problem that you want to get fixed for free? We have many tutorials here still you need someone to answer the questions? Click here to join our Forum ( As if now we have closed the forum option but will start it soon )to get help & interact with other members.
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