Finally the day is here when we need to say bye to our favorite OS. Yes, I am talking about The Windows XP Era. I got my first computer back in the mid of 2006 or may be at the begining of 2007( I don't remember the exact year) and it came pre-installed with Windows XP( Don't remember if it was a genuine XP or not because later on it started giving issues while updating though it was a Compaq computer and after that only, I learned that even the authorized vendors can give you pirated softwares).

Winners of IDM License Giveaway

Once again its time to announce the winners of our giveaway and this time its for Internet Download Manager.

In total 17 valid entries were there. Winners are listed below and I have sent the license keys to them. Please check your email and enjoy the keys

If you are using a slow internet connection then downloading stuff from internet is a tedious task. Download freaks, specially in those countries where high speed internet is not easily available must use a download manager for efficient downloading. I keep on playing with different Operating Systems be it for home users or for Servers and to do that, I download the latest trail versions from Microsoft or different flavors of Linux. Most of the time my computers are busy downloading stuff from the internet and if I am busy somewhere else then they do it smartly using IDM, be it the videos from Youtube or any other software.

Transfer Your Apple Or Nokia Contacts to Android Phone

Last year, I switched from Nokia to an Android phone and the very first thing or I must say the only thing that I required from my old Nokia phone were the contacts. I did not want to copy contacts via the SIM (Copying contacts from my Nokia's memory to SIM and then inserting the SIM in my Android phone) so I thought of something similar to batch transfer.

There are millions of websites over the web and similarly the trend of blogging is increasing. In the coming years, I think blogging will be considered as the prominent branch of computers or something closely related to computers. The numbers of bloggers are increasing rapidly as one can express their views, share tutorials, the good and the bad experiences of life with everyone over the web.

Optical drives will become obsolete in the coming years as people are relying more on USB drives. The reason is the decreasing cost of thumb drives and they can be used again and again till the hardware failure occurs. However, optical drives are difficult to maintain because of their tendency to get scratches.

How To Check If Your Hard Drive Is In Advanced Format Or Not?

Storage has emerged as a separate technology with the increase of data and databases. There was a time where normal users like me only used to think about a dual core processor while buying a computer. But these days we have to take care about every single part of the PC, be it the RAM, Power Supply required by the computer, Motherboard, Processor and Hard Disk as well.

Winners Of Zemana New Year License Giveaway

Hello Friends, once again its time to announce the winners of the giveaway. This time very rare entries were there so all the valid shares would get the license keys by tomorrow evening. Enjoy

Update: I have sent the license keys to all the winners, please check your email address, as twitter was giving issue so I have emailed you the license.

Once again God has given me a chance to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I thank the Almighty for giving us another year to celebrate. I hope the previous year was an amazing one for you and I wish this new year to be more sparkling for you.

Merry Christmas 2013 Friends, Wish You All A Wonderful Christmas

Once again the time has come to celebrate the things. The year 2013 was a busy one and still seems the same for me however I hope it's been a wonderful year for all of you. The Holiday season is there and its time to celebrate the things, I wish all of you a Merry and Prosperous Christmas.

To celebrate this holiday season, we would be arranging another giveaway for Zemana Antilogger. So stay tuned and enjoy the days.

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