Download Mozilla Firefox Via FTP


Now you must be thinking that when one can simply visit the site why to install firefox from their ftp archive,well noone wants to do the hectic process but it helps when we are troubleshooting the virus issue & incase the virus blocks IE as we need to download many security tools from internet and the infections do not allow us to connect to internet via IE and keep popping up with annoying screens that we are infected and pay few dollars to get rid of infections which is totally a scam

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Now this step is very helpful as we can download firefox and follow the virus removal guide

First of all go to run(simply start menu>>run in XP & windows key(the one next to Ctrl key with 4 blocks printed on it) + r key in windows vista and 7)

Now type here and click ok

Now in the new window go to pub folder

Here go to firefox folder

Now click on releases

Here you will find all the till date releases of firefox lets go to a current stable release like 3.6.9 folder

Now here you can select your operating system incase you want firefox for any other purpose as if now for us its win32

Now select your language,lets go to en-US

Now here just double click the first file and your installation process will start,this is a very essential step in the virus removal guide incase unfortunately this one also doesnt work because of the severity of the infection just give a look at the steps in the guide,alternative step is also provided in form of Rescue Cd

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