All Important Linux Commands


friends here are all important linux commands that are useful they are basic as well as advanced commands

awk/nawk [options] file

cat [options] file

cd [directory]

chgrp [options] group file

chmod [options] file

chown [options] owner file

chsh (passwd -e/-s) username login_shell

cmp [options] file1 file2

compres [ options] file

cp [options] file1 file2

cut [options] [files]

date [options]

dd [if=infile] [of=outfile] [operand=value]

diff [options] file1 file2

df [options] [resource]

du [options] [directory or file]

echo [text string]

ed or ex [options] files

emacs [options] files

expr arguments

file [options] files

find directory [options] [actions]

finger [options] user [@hostname]

ftp [options] host

grep [options] 'search string' arguments/
egrep [options] 'search string' arguments/
fgrep [options] 'search string' arguments/

gzip [options] file/
gunzip [options] file/
zcat [options] file

head [-number] file


kill [options]
[pid#] [%job]

in [options] source _file target

lpq [options]/
lpstat [options]

lpr [options] file/
lp [options] file

lprm [options]
cancel [options]

ls [options] [directory or file]

mail [options] [user]
mailx [options] [user]
Mail [options] [user]

man [options] command

mkdir [options] directory

more [options] file
less [options] file
pg [options] file

mv [options] file1 file2

od [options] file

passwd [options]

paste [options] file

pr [options] file

ps [options]


rcp [options] hostname

rlogin [options] hostname

rm [options] file

rmdir [options]directory

rsh [options] hostname

script file

sed [options] file

sort [options] file

source file . file

sttrings [options] file

stty [options]

tail [options] file

tar key [options] [files]

tee [options] file

telnet [host [port]]

touch [options] [date] file

tr [options] string1 string 2

uncompress file .Z

uniq [options] file

uudecode [file]

vi [options] file

wc [options] [files]

whereis [options] command

which command

who or w

zcat file.Z

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