How To Install Windows 7 ?


Windows 7 is the most widely used windows these days as Microsoft has already ended the support for Windows XP. Vista has never been liked by the majority of people since its launch. Windows 8 was not liked that much because of the start button and other controversies. Windows 10 is all set to launch this year and lets see if it gets the equivalent number of users as we got for everyones favorite Windows XP.

Coming back to Windows 7, after talking about all the world of Windows. Many people rather the majority of them are not aware of the installation procedure of Windows 7 and its nothing abnormal as its not their profession. It is never too late to learn the basics of computer and windows installation is not rocket science, either. Many times you end up paying to the technical support just for the installation when you have a genuine license along with the installation CD. Please follow the Step-by-Step procedure to reinstall your Windows and save some $$ to donate for good cause.

1 ) Every PC has a setting in BIOS using which you can boot it using the installation disc or the bootable USB of Windows 7. Your PC might have a special function key at the top, say F12 for Dell using which you can boot the computer using the CD. Once set, it will ask you to press any key to boot from CD and then you see the Windows is loading files screen as shown below:

Windows 7 Loading Files Screen

2) After that you would see the start screen for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Starting Screen

3) Then you will see the setup screen to begin with. Select the language and other options, then click next.

Windows 7 Setup Screen Options

4) On the next screen, please click the install now button.

Windows 7 Install Now Screen

5) You will see the license terms of Windows 7. Please click I accept box and click on next.

Microsoft Windows 7 License Terms

6) Select the type of installation you would like to do on your PC. Please select custom for fresh installation.

Windows 7 Custom Installation Type

7) You will see the list of partitions and you need to select the one where you wish to install Windows. Make sure, you select the correct partition else you might end up deleting your precious data.

Select Windows 7 Installation Partition

8) You will see the installing Windows screen, it takes some time.

Windows 7 Expanding Files Screen

9) Your installation has started and you might notice the updating registry settings screen after a restart.

Windows 7 Updating Registry Settings

10) It will then show the completing installation screen.

Windows 7 Completing Installation Message
11) After that you would again see the restart alert.
Windows 7 Setup Continue Screen

12 ) It will ask you to choose a username and computer name as well.

Windows 7 Ultimate Choose Username

13) Secure your username with a password for restricted access. If you don't wish to set one, leave it blank and click on next.

Windows 7 Set Account Password

14) Type your Windows product key on the next screen.

Windows 7 Type Product Key

15) Please click on use recommended settings to stay safe.

Windows 7 Automatic Update Settings

16) Select the date and time zone as per your location.

Windows Time Date Settings Selection

17) Select your computer's current location.

Select Computer's Current Location

 18) It will finalize your selected settings.

Windows 7 Finalizing Your Settings Screen

  19) Now you will see the welcome screen after installation.

Welcome Screen After Windows 7 Installation

20) Please wait for few seconds as it will prepare the desktop.

Preparing Your Desktop After Installation

21) Only few more seconds left as it would update the settings.

Windows 7 Personalized Settings Screen

22) Here is your basic desktop and you can further customize it.

Windows 7 Basic Desktop Customization

23) You can explore further using the start button at the bottom left.

Windows 7 Start Button Circle

After the fresh installation, do not forget to install a good Antivirus. We do arrange license giveaways from different companies so stay tuned with the license giveaway link at the top. If you need the step-by-step installation procedure for the latest release of Windows then I have covered the Windows 10 installation here.

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