Essential Security Add-ons For Your Browser


Even if you are using the world`s number one anti-virus you should install these security add-ons for your browser for an extra layer of security,your av will remove if it will find any virus on your pc but why to take a chance of getting a virus download to the pc these security add-ons will let you know whether its safe to browse a website,if the downloads from a particular website are safe or not so these add-ons will enhance the security of your computer

1. WOT Web of Trust

WOT is a community-based, free safe surfing tool for browsers that provides website ratings & reviews to help web users as they search, surf & shop online.

As if now its available for all the major browsers


Internet Explorer

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Opera ( WOT for Opera utilizes JavaScript to display WOT ratings )

Whenever you will perform a search it will display all the results with wot ratings and once you will hover your mouse over that color signal it will tell you the details of that site

Even if you are not using any search engine and somehow you directly click on a link of a website which does not has a good rating WOT will display the below screen and you can exit the website before you visit it

you can download it from

As its a community based tool its results depends how we rate a website so using this you can rate your favorite websites as well so dont forget to rate us when you install it

2. Mcafee SiteAdvisor

Its a very nice software from Mcafee ,working is same like WOT once installed you will see a small Mcafee icon in the browser and in your search results informing you about the security rating of the site from Mcafee like below

You can download and install it from

Incase you visit any link with risk you will see this screen from site advisor

Now you can make the decision whether to visit the website or not

3. Norton Safe Web

Another must to have security add-on for your browser even if its working is same like the other two mentioned above you should install it as its from a different & trusted vendor with its own site ratings,once installed you will see a tab in your browser like below informing you about the site

In your search results as well with the other two add-on ratings you can see the safe web rating from norton incase you click on any link with negative rating you will see the alert message like the one posted below

you can download Norton Safe Web from

Now you have all the three security add-ons installed you can search what ever you wish according to your need,all of them support all the major search engines Google,Yahoo,Bing

Once you notice in your search results that any link has all the three green ratings you can visit that site without any doubt

Sites with atleast two green ratings from either of the installed add-ons are still safe to visit

Sites with no color from either of the add-ons are still not tested and you can submit them for tests by clicking on the colorless icons and visit only if you have a good antivirus installed

Do not visit any site with red ratings from all three add-ons

Apart from these add-ons you can also Install NoScript which protects you from any malicious javascript that we already discussed in our previous post here

Happy Surfing Safe Surfing

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