Google is launching two-step verification for extra security


Many credit card companies offer the two way security one your internet pin(IPIN) and secondly they provide you with a security device which is a physical device and whenever you turn it on it generates a digital code for you which changes after a specific period of time and binded to your card number once you login to your internet banking using your IPIN on the second page it asks you to type in the code generated by the security device provided by the bank,four years back when the very first time i saw this security i was thinking it would be good if this kind of thing could be applied in email service as well for extra security of users

Now finally i am glad to hear that google officially announced that soon they are launching such kinda dual login security where one would be using the login password and the verification code generated by users mobile device,initially it would be for google apps users and that too for Google Apps Premier, Education and Government Edition but later on in the coming months it would be available for Google Apps Standard Edition and millions of individual users as well

As many companies and organizations are opting for Google Apps service powered by postini for the email accounts of their employees so its a nice step taken by google for the extra security of its users as the hacking attempts including phishing are increasing rapidly day by day so this step will give a break to all such attempts,the only thing i was thinking about incase a user has more than one google account or like in my case as i am using google apps service for all my domains will a single mobile number would be sufficient to use with all apps accounts lolz lets see what kind of policies google will come up with this dual login security but i must say after a long time google has decided something big according to the brand name(my personal opinion rest they keep on doing big things like taking over youtube etc)

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