DOS Prompt - Change The Way It Looks Like


I wonder still how many people work on DOS prompt apart from those who are computer professionals,I guess rarely and after windows 7 when everything is all about the user interface I doubt alot but still this tip is not about fun for changing the color of your DOS prompt might be it will help many incase they cant work on the blackscreen for longtime or because of any other reason

As when I practice Java programs I need to work on DOS as have to compile and run the program using DOS so I love to work on the black screen with green text as shown above,you can change the options according to you

Just open Command Prompt by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Now right click on the DOS title bar,click on properties and a new window will pop up in front of you
Now on the new window just go to the last tab and click on Colors,from there you can change screen background,screen color and in the similar way using the other tabs you can change the cursor size,layout,fonts etc for DOS prompt.

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