Norton DNS - An Extra Layer Of Security


DNS stands for Domain Name System in simple words its a kind of phonebook of internet like we have in our mobile phones as we cant remember all the numbers so we store them by names the same way we cant remember all the IP addresses which is the actual address of any website so we remember the names and DNS is the thing which does the conversion for us,to know more about it you can read the wiki article To use Norton DNS just go to control panel and click on Network Connections

  Right click your internet connection and then click on properties Now just scroll down the list & highlight Internet Protocol option and click on properties Now just check the option Use the following DNS server addresses & type the following IP addresses Preferred DNS server - Alternate DNS server - click ok & close the connection properties screen now go to this link to check if you have successfully applied the changes Click Here To Check Your Norton DNS Settings You will see the above screen,this is a manual way how you can apply the Norton DNS in your OS or you can visit the below link to download the norton client for your OS There are other DNS also available in the market like OpenDNS,Google DNS but at this point of time we recommend using Norton DNS or one from Sunbelt that will show in our next post hopefully on linux Benefits of Norton DNS: The main benefit is incase you open any website which contains malware or any malicious link Norton DNS will block it & it makes your web browsing faster

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