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Did it ever happen to you that while browsing internet you got a website which looks attractive but you couldnt understand the text as its in a different language but you want to go deeply in the website as it seems of your interest,well you can use google toolbar as well and it gives you other features like a google search box in your browser,bookmarking feature as we already discussed here,translate option and much more if you wish you can download the toolbar from

However if you dont want any toolbar in your browser there are free online translators available but the best ones that translates almost every language that too accurately are here one by one

1. Google Translate

Just visit the site and type your text or website address in the block select the from and to language and click on translate button and you will see the desired content in your selected language,you also get an option to translate a document just browse the document on your pc and click on translate and you are done

If you wish you can also add a widget to your own website as we did so that visitors from all over the world can read the ontent on the website,just vist the link and create a widget for your website

2. Yahoo Babel Fish

Yahoo Babel Fish is also a very great service and I use it frequently besides the google toolbar,same thing apply here as well simply copy paste the text or website link you wish to translate and click on the button to see your desired content.You can translate

Chinese to English

Dutch to English

French to English

Greek to English

Italian to English

Japanese to English

Korean to English

Portuguese to English

Russian to English

Spanish to English

and so many other languages to english and vice versa

3. Bing Translator

Another great service from microsoft,if you know the text or website language you can select it in the from option or let it be autodetect for you and incase you want a widget for your own website visit

and create a widget for your site

These are the great free online services from google,yahoo and microsoft that you dont have to purchase any software or search for any other website as they do the job perfectly and in notime.Depending upon your choice you can use either of them and you dont have to even register for anything just visit the links and do the online translation

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