Get Older Versions Of Software To Install On Windows 98/ME/2000


I got two PC with the booting probs and both of them were running very low hardware configuration and the maximum RAM was 128 mb on one of them while the other one was running only 64 mb of RAM,it just recalled the older days when it was fun working on windows 98 and ME when no one ever expected the windows 7 and upcoming windows 8 would ever be there in future with so many functionalities overall its a revolution from 32 mb to 4 gb (normal) these days and people who like to experiment more with multiple OS are even running 8 gb DDR3

Finally I installed Windows 98 on one of them and Windows ME on the other one with 128 mb RAM now after installing the windows next step was to install the basic softwares like adobe reader,antivirus,vlc player,flash etc so instead of browsing the ftp archive of different software vendors for older versions compatible with these OS,the smart way is to download the older versions from one place so I am sharing these two very nice websites where you can get almost all the popular software`s older version and will save a loads of time incase you need to fix this kind of issues on any PC

You can download all your required softwares from FileHippo,it contains all the major softwares categorised from browsers to drivers including security to CD-DVD tools

Just visit the site and download all required softwares incase there is any particular software you need and you couldnt find on FileHippo you can search the software on another site Old Apps and the good thing about this site is that apart from windows software you can also look for softwares for other operating system like Linux & Macintosh

So the combo of these two sites will fulfill all your software requirements of older versions of freewares and sharewares basically they contain freewares in majority,might be you have been looking for years or just gave up searching the software`s older version

Incase you dont find your softwares either on & which is the rarest case I will suggest you to browse the ftp archive of software vendors to get your desired version

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