Installing Windows ME On Low Hardware Configuration Computers


Last week I posted two websites to get old version of softwares so incase you need to install Windows Millennium on a pc with low hardware configuration here is a step by step tutorial how to install Windows ME.Click the images to enlarge them.

Boot the computer using ME disc and select second option "Start computer with CD-ROM support"

Now here on the command prompt screen type fdisk to start the command-line utility for disk partitioning functions

Here on this screen type Y for yes this will enable the FAT32 file system so that we can make disk partitions more than 2 gb if we will use no option here we cant make a single partition more than 2 gb as it will by default take the FAT16 file system

Now we need to partition the hard disk by creating Primary partition first then extended partition and then logical partitions in the extended partition so enter choice 1 which is for creating the partition

Now here type 1 and press enter to create the Primary partition where we would be installing the windows

Now type Y if you wish to create your complete hard disk in a single partition lets say C or no if you furthur want more partitions like D or E

So we type N for no as we will create separate partition for our data

Now enter the partition size that you would like to give to C where we would install Windows ME

Here is the confirmation message that Primary DOS Partition created,press ESC to go to fdisk utility

Now enter 2 this time to make the primary partition active so that we can successfully install windows on it

Now enter the number of the partition that we would like to make active so type 1 and press enter

Now we can see it shows the status of the partition active now

Now on the fdisk once again enter 1 to create more partitions

This time on the screen enter 2 as we need to create extended partition

Now enter the partition size you would like to give to extended partition

Great it shows the confirmation message press ESC to create logical partitions

Enter the logical drive size

You can give the logical drive size according to your need

You need to restart your computer,press ESC to exit fdisk

Now once the computer is back it will show your CD-ROM drive letter note it down here its F

Type format c: in the command screen

Enter Y to confirm the format of C drive

Give the Volume label here you can simply type C

Now go to your CD-ROM drive for us its F so we type F: and press enter now once we are in F drive type dir to list the contents of this drive

Now here you can see the list of files in that directory,type W_ME_M\setup.exe to begin the installation

It will scan the disk for any errors

As it shows no error,exit this screen to start the installation

Installation process will start

Click next here

Accept the license agreement and click next

Type your product key here

Let the installation directory unchanged here or you can change it if planning to install in a different directory

It will check for installed components

Let the setup options be typical and simply click on next

Type your name and company

Click next without changing the recommended option

Fill up the blanks as required

Select your country here

Select your time zone

Click ok on this screen

Once again click ok if you see this message

This time click cancel here

Click ok to proceed

Click finish to begin the installation

Once the installation is complete click ok

Restart your computer

It will start installing the driver database

It will set the hardware,plug & play devices

It will update the system settings like start menu and control panel etc

System will restart after all those settings

You will see this screen where it shows updating system settings

Press ok as we havent setup any password

Welcome you are on your desktop now

Here you can see the two partitions that we created using fdisk one is the primary partition C and the other one is the logical partition D that we created in extended partition

Enjoy your Windows ME installation same way you can install Windows 98 as well incase you need the tutorial for that too let us know and after your installation if you need compatible software versions for your computer Click here to see our post about that

Are you facing any computer problem that you want to get fixed for free? We have many tutorials here still you need someone to answer the questions? Click here to join our Forum ( As if now we have closed the forum option but will start it soon )to get help & interact with other members.
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