Earn Online By Working From Home In Your Spare Time


You might have seen on many websites & news paper articles that earn this much and that much by working from home, might be you many times get spam email for such stuff as well,many of my friends tried that and just wasted their time as they were looking for a job and in their spare time they wanted to earn money. When one of my friend told me what all happened with him I told him about fiverr, a very nice website where you can earn money by doing simple tasks like editing a video, audio, documents, singing a song, teaching something, fixing a problem, designing a logo, banner design, etc. etc. The list is endless and it all depends what you can do, just visit the website & see yourself.


You can make money by doing the tasks known as gigs on Fiverr, whatever you can and would love to do, for every completed task the buyer pays $5 to the site and Fiverr keeps $1 as commission with them and pays the seller (who did the task for the buyer as he used their services) $4 for every completed tasks. If your gig will get more orders and reviews then it will be in the featured gigs list and would be displayed on the main page resulting in more and more orders, hence generating more money for you.

Once your order is marked complete by the buyer then after 15 days of that you can withdraw your money via paypal so that the buyer can't charge back, so just make an account on paypal so that you can withdraw funds from your Fiverr account.

So now don't wait and start earning money for small gigs that too of your interest just create an account and make the gigs you can do, also mention the maximum time-days you will take to complete the ordered work as after that the buyer can cancel the order and also mention the do`s and don'ts that you gonna work out in a gig so that every thing should be clear and there must not be any dispute at the time of payment.

Best of luck for your online earning journey, though there are many more sites but incase you know about such a reliable site or any other data entry work that you would like to outsource to India then do let me know via comments or contact us option at the top.

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