Enable HTTPS In Facebook For Extra Security


Facebook being the number one social network always take care of the users and constantly works on increasing the security of the site,after the fan page of Mark Zuckerberg(owner of facebook) got hacked last week (they recovered it within few minutes)facebook introduced https on the website for the users security,might be they have been working on the https and was in progress of implementing it.

Couple of months ago a firefox addon was damn famous which can steal your passwords if you are not on a secure network,so make sure you take every single step that can enhance the security on your computer and we keep on sharing all the possible ways with you to take that step

Follow the steps below to enable https in your facebook account -

1)  Login to your facebook account

2) On the top right click on Account tab and then on Account Settings as shown in the image below

3) Now on the account settings page scroll down to account security option and click change on the right hand side


4) Once you click on change under account security you will see two options


Secure Browsing (https) ---- Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible

When a new computer or mobile device logs into this account: ---- Send me an email

These options will enable https in your facebook account and if someone will login from a new device it will send you an email

5) Check both for an added security to your facebook account and click save

6) Below that you can also see the account activity of your account and cross check if someone else is using your account from any other location if you notice an unfamiliar device or location, click "end activity"

All these steps will add extra security in your facebook account and atleast script kiddies without any knowledge of hacking who just use available tools and scripts wont be able to login to your account,so stay safe and enjoy facebook

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