Protect Your Facebook Photo Albums Before Its Too Late


Have you ever seen multiple profiles on facebook with the same pics of a real person must be yes if the pic is of some celebrity but here m not talking about celebrity,might be you never noticed but there are so many profiles on facebook with the pic of same person who arent celebrities or might be someone misusing your pics in their fake profiles if not till now they can surely do that so better protect the pictures

So what you can do to protect your facebook pictures or album and how you would do that

Follow the steps below to protect your facebook photos before someone misuses your pics

1 ) Login to your facebook account

On the right hand side click on Account then Privacy Settings under it,which is something different than privacy policy

2 )

On clicking privacy settings you will see the page like this,click on customize settings

3 ) 

Scroll down the page and you will see edit album privacy,click on it

4 )

Now here you will see your photo albums,next to them there is a drop down menu from where you can select the album privacy ideally it should be selected as friends only to protect your pics,if its friends of friends then your friends list can also see your pics and you never know what kind of friends your friend has in his/her list but you can customize it as well according to the pics and need

5 ) If you need custom privacy click on customize

From here you can select if you want your pics visible to specific people or incase you wanna hide your pics

Just select the option and type the name of the person,it will show you the options to choose from and then click on save setting.In this way you can protect your facebook photos getting misused by someone,we all know there are loads of evil mind all around trying to get in to our personal and social life

Incase apart from photos you are concerned about something else on your facebook profile you can always change the settings according to your wish.Just go to

Account>> Privacy Settings >> Customize Settings

From here you can change all type of settings incase you wish to

1 ) Hide Your Mobile Phone

2 ) Hide your address

3 ) Hide Your IM screen name

4 ) Settings for photos and videos you are tagged in

5 ) Who can comment on posts

and all other types of settings for your facebook profile

so enjoy the facebook life with better security incase you want to get a facebook email address you can see our post here

How to get facebook email address

also dont forget to see

How to enable https in your facebook account

All these extra steps will enhance your facebook experience

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