Ashampoo Server Got Hacked


Few days back wordpress servers got hacked and now hackers targeted Ashampoo a well known company for awesome computer products based in Germany.Hackers keep on targeting big companies servers so that they can get the database and many other things that would be helpful in earning money to them,its their profession and part of job nothing new.

I really like and use Ashampoo products like Burning Studio & Snap 3 that I got via promo offer and also shared with you,if you subscribed to their newsletter via that promo offer you must be receiving mails as you opted in from Ashampoo regarding different upgrade options including this mail informing you that one of their server got hacked and hackers were able to pull up data like name & e-mail address from that server.

Its a small mail that looks like the image above but if you would like to read the complete detail you can read @below link

Even servers are not secure and hackers keep on finding different vulnerabilities to gain access to the root directory which is the main folder of the server and what about home users like us?Are we secure?To be very frank hackers directly dont target us but they release different viruses,trojans and other infections on the internet in forms of cracks,patches and many other things whenever we use that we get infected so make sure you arent using this kinda things ( simply think why one will make it for you and release it for free ).If you suspect that you are infected you can follow our few steps guideline here to make sure your computer is not infected if there would be any,after performing the steps your PC would be infection free.Dont forget to take part in our antivirus contest by clicking on the License Giveaway tab at the top if you need a good security software for your computer as we keep arranging different security giveaways for our readers.Also let us know which security software you are using on your computer and think its the best protection for your computer.

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