Customize Gmail Inbox With Your Own Pictures & Colors


Google is continuously improving its Gmail service because Google is well aware of the fact that if it wont then facebook`s email service would be another fb product which would be tough competitor for Google.Wait a minute are you aware of the fact that Facebook is launching email soon?If not see here how to request an invitation.

Now Google has launched a new feature for all gmail users to customize gmail themes with the pictures of their choice apart from the themes provided by gmail.Lets see how we can do that :

1 ) Login to your Gmail account

2 ) Click on settings on top right if you are on older gmail look as shown in image below


Click on mail settings under the gear icon if you are on new gmail look as shown in image below

3 ) Now under your settings page click on Themes option as shown below

4 ) Now under different themes from gmail you will see a new option create your own theme at the end as shown below,click on that

5 ) A new window will open and at the top left click on the down arrow as shown below

6 ) Once you click the down arrow a new option window will expand on the left hand side on which at the bottom click on select to choose an image from your picasa album or from your computer,once you select it click on save at the bottom right as shown below & it will be set as your gmail background

7 ) See how my gmail inbox appears after selecting my own contra video game wallpaper

There are other options as well in the pop up window and apart from customizing the background image you can also select different colors depending upon your choice.So do you like this enhanced feature in gmail?what more you expect from Google for Gmail service?Do share your views with us using the comment form below.

via ( Gmail Blog )

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