Import Your E-mail And Contacts To Gmail From Other Accounts


When I first started using email around 10 years back I was using the services of rediff,later on I was regular to yahoo mail followed by hotmail.Finally when Gmail arrived I moved to this and thanks till now it provides all important and awesome features that there is no need to switch to any other email provider.Even I suggest to all my clients to switch to Gmail for better security and awesome features.Mostly are already using it many other want to but say they cant just because of their so many emails and huge contact list in other email accounts and dont have that much time to keep forwarding their messages from other email service to Gmail instead they would like to do other stuff in their free time and so do I .

Now Gmail has come up with the solution for this problem as if they were hearing my conversation with the clients lolz.Gmail has introduced a feature to import your email and contacts to make your job easy.Google is doing everything to make me & you stick to their email service and yes I love it for this as now can import my thousands of awesome emails from other accounts.

Lets see how to import your mail and contacts to Gmail :

1 ) Login to your Gmail account and click on settings at top right

2 ) Now under Accounts and Import tab click on Import mail and contacts as shown below

3 ) A new window will open up asking for your other email address type your yahoo,hotmail or other email as shown in the image and click continue

4 ) Now type in the password for the email you entered in the above step & click continue

 5 ) Now you will see the import options as shown below and you can select whether you want to import only contacts,mail or both including other options.Once you decide click start import

6 ) It will show you the confirmation message that your messages and contacts are being imported

As you can see in the image above it clearly says it can take several hours or upto 2 days depending upon your messages and contacts.You can keep using Gmail or even can logout from your account and it will continue importing mail and contacts in the background.Anytime you wish to see the status of the import just go to Settings >> Accounts and Import tab as shown above in the second step.Once it will be complete you will see the confirmation message as shown in the image below

Its another great feature from Google and hope to see more improved features as always expected from the Big G.Again I would like to remind you to turn on 2-step verification in Gmail by following the tutorial here for better security of your accounts as I still see many cases where people complain that there account got hacked better stay protected before anything happens like this.

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