Beware Of Fake Google Plus (+) Invites


As you all know that Google has launched its another social network to compete directly with Facebook.Few years back Facebook threatened the crown of Orkut the first social network owned by Google and after that Google launched Buzz and Wave but both of them werent able to even stand out in front of Facebook.Now recently launched Google+ is giving a hard competition to facebook and I think soon it will take over the social networking empire of FB.

Now even hackers and other evil minds know that Google+ is in trend these days and people are looking to get invited in the new network by Google,this is how they look for prey all over the web.There are sites that claim to send you invites even if they dont have any like the one shown in the image below

Now if you enlarge the image by clicking on it you can see it has 4-5 lines and a link below it which says Download Google Plus Invite,once you click on the link it will take you to as shown in the image which is a file uploading site where you need to complete a survey to gain access to the file.Once you complete the survey you would be able to download the file else wont unill you buy a premium subscription to avoid surveys.In both the cases either you complete a survey or buy a premium subscription,the uploader will get few $$ credited to his account.Now this way you wont get anything because Google+ invite cant be uploaded in a text file or something else.

This way you may end up infecting your computer because the uploaded file can contain malware or any other malicious software.So this way hackers also prey upon people by uploading malicious scripts or software either directly on their site pretending to give Google+ invite or something else in the trend or by uploading to file hosting sites like the above example.Did you face the same situation recently?Might be you were looking for something over web,got the link & downloaded the file but it dint contain the material you were supposed to get.Possibly you ended up infecting your computer so if you wanna make sure you arent infected follow our Virus Removal Guideline Here after which your computer will be infection free.

Now are you thinking where to get the Google+ invite then?Dont worry we are giving the invites absolutely free of cost to all those who follow the simple rule here

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