Recently one of my friend called me as his computer wasn`t playing dvds but was able to play cds in the computer. I thought that it could be a hardware firmware issue as well so before any troubleshooting the very first thing I did to check hardware using a live cd of Puppy linux, which confirmed that the hardware was fine so the next issue could be of software. First of all I thought to run a virus scan using a Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

As the name says Rescue Disk, it rescues your computer from non-bootable state because of a malware attack also it helps a lot in any malware infected computer but my friend wasn`t using internet on that computer so even if I would have started the computer with the downloaded rescue disk it couldnt be possible to update the database so I thought to create a Kaspersky Rescue Disk from one of my pc running Kaspersky Internet Security. After full scan it removed many infections from the computer and also solved the problem of not reading DVD. So lets see how you can make an updated rescue disc from already installed Kaspersky

1 ) On the Kaspersky main screen click on tools

2 ) Then click on Kaspersky Rescue Disk Option

3 ) It will pop up with a message on the screen simply click on next

4 ) It will ask you to select the disk image source either download it from internet or select an existing location, if you have already downloaded the rescue cd earlier sometime

5 ) Now give the file path where you already have the downloaded disk and click on next

6 ) It will start copying the file,once its complete click on next

7 ) It will show the update disk wizard to get latest virus definitions,click on next

8 ) It will start updating your ISO image with latest virus definitions,once its complete click on next

9 ) Now it will show you the options where to save the disk. Either you can make a bootable USB drive for the updated Kaspersky rescue disk or you can save the disk image to burn it later.

10 ) Specify the path where you want to save the updated disk and click next

11 ) It will save the disk to your specified location, after that click on next

12 ) After that it will show you disk creation wizard complete message

Now burn the updated ISO file to a blank cd and boot the infected computer with this rescue disk. If you aren`t sure you may see this post How To Burn ISO Image. If you do not have any computer with the Kaspersky security installed on it, then you can follow the tutorial here to remove infections using rescue disk from the developer.

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