Google Toolbar Is Now Available For Internet Explorer Only


Google toolbar is my favorite one and the only toolbar that I love to install after browser installation as it makes everything so easy to access just with one click either you need to access Gmail,Imported Bookmarks To Google,Google translate or any other feature.I dont like any other toolbar either its yahoo,bing,ask,brothersoft or any other unwanted toolbars.Google toolbar was only available for Firefox and IE,even it wasnt available for Google`s own browser Chrome.

Few days back Google declared that the toolbar wouldnt be available for the latest version of Firefox (I have been waiting for the latest version of toolbar to support Mozilla) or for any future versions.It seems Google wants us to use Chrome only as many people dont like using Internet Explorer and I have been noticing problems in using other Google Products as well via Mozilla Firefox(I cant write posts for Experts Galaxy too,this one is first ever written in Chrome).You can see in the below image it clearly says Firefox 2-4

Incase you try to install on latest version it gives the error as shown below

So now IE is the only left browser for which you can install the toolbar from do you really like using IE or you dont prefer it like me,even if I used it for last 2 days just because of Google toolbar but now again I am back to Firefox and trying to work without toolbar lolz.Still the toolbar is available for versions upto 4 in Firefox and all versions of Internet Explorer including version 9.So if you havent updated your Firefox browser and incase you would update this is just to inform you that forget about the toolbar then,many people would still love to stay with the older version but from security point of view you should update your browser version everytime the developer releases a new version as it fixes the vulnerabilities in older version.

I dont think so Google will continue the toolbar later on just for IE (Many other products like Norton Safeweb & Mcafee SiteAdvisor Plus are working only with Internet Explorer and not working with latest versions of Firefox & Chrome) as its not providing it for own browser Chrome,but still it was very helpful for one click access of many Google products(as sometimes I feel so lazy to even type in the browser).So do you think that Internet Explorer would be back in the battle of browsers?Still I am adding many addons to replace the toolbar functionality,incase you need any just let us know via the comment form below which option you are missing a lot because of absence of Google Toolbar in your latest browser version


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