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So friends are you ready for the next revolution in social networking with the Google+.Last month Google launched their +1 button service for websites and now they are here with another great product Google+ which people claim to be the next big revolution after facebook & twitter in category of social networking sites.If you wanna know more about Google+ you can read here @ official google blog 
The main thing I like @ above link are the lines " Not all relationships are created equal. So in life we share one thing with college buddies, another with parents, and almost nothing with our boss. The problem is that today’s online services turn friendship into fast food—wrapping everyone in “friend” paper—and sharing really suffers " and this is the good thing that everyone is talking about this project that you can control who can see that you share unlike facebook

To be a part of Google`s Social Network visit the link below

At this point of time its under Field Trial which means you can access it only if you get an invitation but soon it would be open for all.The good news is I have an account on it & now a part of Google+ social network but the bad news is as if now they are not even allowing to send an email invite as mentioned on the site they have exceeded the capacity now dont think Google is short of servers or overloaded lolz but initially they want few people to test and try it,gradually it would be available for all like they did with Gmail in the beginning which is a great success.

Now again the good thing is as soon as they allow to send invites again I would start inviting people to Google+ the only thing you need to do is Carefully Read the rules below :

To get a Google+ invite:


Update:Simply let us know the email by commenting below where you need the invitation as now we have many invites so just comment and we will invite you however its good if you share this with your friends as well.

Make sure if commenting as guest use your email id as you will get the invite via email but dont post your email id in the comment area to avoid spam just use it while commenting only with your name.


Do you think that now Google+ (+) Orkut would decrease the total active users of facebook?What do you think about this new project of Google?Would it be successful or would be another failure project like the Google Buzz & Google Wave?Do let us know your views using the comment form below

Note: As you can see I have stated get the invites free as they are already free and when the service would be available to all without invites,then also it would be a free product like Google`s other products but I have seen people as usual evil minds over web are selling invites for exchange of  $$,premium accounts and many other things so dont go for it & Do Read Beware Of Fake Google Plus Invites

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