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Youtube is one of the most visited website where you can see a lots of video depending upon your interest.If I get time that normally I dont get,can spend hours in Youtube watching videos and movies.Long time back I shared here how to download youtube videos using few sites which are still working,but many people find it difficult going to one site,copying the video url from Youtube or any other video site like Metacafe,Vimeo,Dailymotion then pasting the url in other 3rd party websites which help you to download your favorite video.

If you need a simple,one click solution for this so that you can download your favorite video from internet then RealDownloader from realnetworks can enable the video download button for you.It is compatible with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome & Internet Explorer as well.Either you can install the Real Player which is the recommended player for 3gp files from the link below

During the installation process you will see a screen as shown in the image below where you need to check the option  "Enable browser download button" & continue with the installation.

Once the installation is complete Download this Video button will start appearing on the online videos.If you do not want to install the complete new player in your computer you can simply install the browser plugin for RealDownloader by visiting the link below

Once you download the software,run it and click on accept as shown above

It will start installing the browser plugin for you,once its complete it will ask you to restart the browser as shown below

Once you restart the browser,Download This Video button will start appearing on top right of your favorite videos as shown below

Now you can download and save your favorite video to your computer so that you can watch it in spare time.

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