Happy Birthday Steve Jobs-The Real Genius (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)


When we go to school the first thing we learn is "A For Apple" followed by others and the Apple in Computing was made by Steve Jobs.A wonderful man & an amazing genius who gave us the extra ordinary computing environment is no more with us but his innovations will always be there till this world exists.He was born on 24th February thats today yeah you got it right,its his Birthday,Happy Birthday Steve.

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I am not a programmer till now otherwise I would have designed a dedicated webpage for him on this occasion or something special.I tried Googling if something has designed for the Genius,I couldnt find anything special as I was expecting till now but wait I found one site that was made last year for Steve`s Birthday which is http://www.happybirthdaystevejobs.com/.Great someone designed something for the Genius who designed everything for us.I hope today we will see something on Google as well as they showed animated waves yesterday on Heinrich Rudolf Hertz`s birthday.Still there is time but as per my time zone which is IST its Steve`s birthday,once again Happy Birthday Steve,I will never forget what you gave to us with the inspiration to fight till the time one reaches his goal and forever.

When I came to know that Steve Jobs has passed away I was shocked to hear the news rather I read it on my office blog, it was quite hard to believe and later on the news came that Dennis Ritchie has passed away.We lost two great minds in the month of October 2011 but this is the reality-noone is born to live forever.I dont own any Apple product yet but have tried all Apple products and they are really great.I was thinking to install Mac OS on an Intel based computer but then I dropped the idea as it would be piracy so I decided to buy a Mac may be at the end of this year.

I have read a lot on internet about Steve how he founded Apple then resigned from there,founded NeXT & Pixar Animation Studios.Later on got a call back from the company when it was not doing well & again he raised Apple to top.Everything I have read about him is more and more inspirational either its his own words or words about him.Once again Happy Birthday Steve & I really wish if would have got a chance to say "Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day".

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