Finally Big G Read My Thoughts & Launched Google Drive


Google is full of ideas, awesome products and cool surprises for its users. Now I think it has started showing Facebook and other companies what it can do and they shouldn`t even think to compete with Google in its area of expertise ( though you never know what will be there next area of expertise ). I am an email subscriber for their Official Google Blog and got an update that today they have launched Google Drive.

I have been thinking for a week that Google is providing the maximum space in their email service and no other company is providing the same. Gmail was the first email provider for 1 GB space later on increased to 2, 5, 7 and now 10 GB of space. If you remember two years back I shared with you all 2 Free File Sharing Sites, where I posted about Adrive & Maxupload, among the two the latter one got closed however Adrive is still available for all. The thing is what happened to all the user`s files uploaded on the site including mine though I only uploaded few backup files there, but what about those who uploaded their primary files there . I guess all are gone but hope they informed the users to download them all before they take the site offline.

Adrive is still functional and I use it instead of any other file sharing site as it doesnt have any waiting queue or the options for download as free or premium user, which ends up in no slot available incase you select free user option in other file sharing sites. I was thinking of a more reliable site even if I dont doubt the caliber of Adrive and the name I could think of was Google. Finally today I got an email as if they read my mind that they have launched Google Drive with 5 GB space and you can upgrade to more space using available paid subscriptions.

To get your Google Drive simply go to the below link

You need to sign in to your Google Account as shown in the image below

Many users after signing in will see the message " Thank You - we have received your request " as shown in the image below ( I got the same message when signed in using my old Gmail account via Firefox )

If you will be lucky enough like my another Gmail account ( its new in comparison to the above used account ) that I used via Chrome for Google Drive, you will see the Welcome Message as shown below, just click on Try Google Drive button.

Now you will see the install option depending upon your Operating System as shown in the image below, as if now its available for Windows, Mac & Android devices only and soon will be available for iPhone and iPad.

Simply click on Accept & Install button as shown

You will see the confirmation message

Install it on your device then login to your Google account, incase you have opted for two-step verification then you need to punch in the mobile code for extra security. You can read here what all you can do with Google Drive & here are the awesome feature list on the product page. So hurry up and start applying for your 5 GB drive and do let us know if you get it instantly ( including your browser name ) or they keep you in waiting queue.

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