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Internet is the part of everyone`s life now and most of the internet users have account in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus. Many people are still not on either of these sites, but they do interact with others via email. If any festive season is there they exchange greetings in the form of e-cards as well. Many times it happens that you get the same greeting card from different people in your inbox as more than one user has chosen the same site to send the greeting card.

Its better to use your own greeting card or something like a picture collage that is a collection of sender`s and receiver`s memories. I have seen many people in Facebook sharing their memories in the form of picture collage. If you are curious to know how they do the same, let me inform you that they use different sites and softwares for the same.

According to me its not a good idea to share your personal pictures with any site to create a collage untill you completely read the privacy policy including terms and conditions as it can be misused by anyone. Many people face the same problem in Facebook but due to their own negligence. Its better if you can get a software to do the collage stuff on your computer itself that too as per your choice.

Picture Collage Maker is a nice software from Pearl Mountain that can do the job for you without involving any risk of sharing your personal memories with any third party website. You can create photo collages, greeting cards, photo calendars, scrapbooks and much more. See here few samples to get an idea that you can do with this software. They have 2 products :-

1 ) Picture Collage Maker ( Single Page Project )

2 ) Picture Collage Maker Pro ( Creates Multiple Pages )

I will explain below how to use the software including features but first let me inform all that you can win a license for this creative software worth $39.90 absolutely free. Intotal 20 keys ( update - Windows version ) will be given to the members for Windows version (Thanks to Tracy Zhang from PearlMountain Technology for sponsoring the keys ).Winners will be announced on 22nd July.

You can download the trial version of the software from the link below :-

Click Here To Download Picture Collage Maker Pro

Once you will open the software, it shows four options as shown in the image and all of them have a single final destination. Lets see the first option to create a blank collage so just click on it.
Picture Collage Maker Pro

Now select the size of the collage on the second screen as shown below including the type from portrait or landscape

Collage Maker Screen Settings
It will open the main screen for the software where you can create a picture collage using the existing templates on the left hand side. Open the template and double click the space on it which says " Drop Photo Here ", select the photo from your computer to replace it with the blank space. You can also use the background option to change it if you dont like the base of any template. Next we have a photo option to open a small explorer window in the software so that you can easily drag your pictures from different folders to desired location in the template. Other options are mask, frame, clickart and shape to modify the boundaries of pictures used in the template or to add any new pre-defined image. You can see the collage that I designed using the above listed functions.

Collage Maker Pro Output

You can also select the second option after starting the software i.e. template collage wizard then add photos on the left screen and click on next. Select a template of your choice and click next. You can also shuffle the auto selected photos in the template till you get photos of your choice and after that you can save the picture or directly email it. See the picture below that I made using the above functionality.

Template Collage Wizard Output

Third option is create from template where you can select the pre-designed templates from the left menu and make your required collage. If you don`t like the templates you can download more templates from the link below

Click Here To Download More Templates

The fourth option is " Grid Collage Wizard " to make instant collage from multiple photos. It is somehow similar to template collage wizard but the output will be in the format of a grid that you can customize as per your requirement. See the grid collage that I made using this feature.

Grid Collage Wizard Output

Single software with all your photo collage requirements makes it a useful product. Now I can also share awesome collages with my friends like the above posted ones that I created hardly in 2 minutes/collage using the different features in the software. The video link below from the developer shows all the above defined steps.

Click Here To Watch The Video

Here is a chance to get the license for Picture Collage Maker Pro among the 20 sponsored update - Windows version ) keys by following the rules below and winners will be announced on 22 July.

Carefully read the rules :

To take part in this giveaway :


You need to Tweet this post, share it in your Facebook profile or in your Google Plus profile ( Dont create new ids for this it wont be counted & accepted ) & post the links here where ever you promoted the giveaway ( Its mandatory for the giveaway ). Also make sure that your profile settings or tweet settings are such that we can verify the entry

Just sharing on either of the mentioned platform qualifies you for the giveaway but if you wish can share on all, we appreciate it.

( Its totally upto you to be an email subscriber - if you want future updates and dont wanna miss such license giveaways ). However make sure while commenting use your email id as you will get your key via email.


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