Sophos is not just another brand name in the market, its one of the established security vendors and a very old indeed. It is not famous among home users but they have established their name in the enterprise security, specially in Email and Network Security. Depending upon their Alexa rank they could be in our top ten Antivirus list but Bitdefender has improved the same after the promo of their Total Security latest version for 90 days and now takes the tenth place, which it was sharing before with PC Tools in our list.

Sophos Virus Removal Tool
If you have read our virus removal guide then you must be aware of the Kaspersky virus removal tool which is a very nice tool to remove infections. It all depends upon the already installed security in the computer that which one to use as an extra scanner. I keep on scanning my computer with different security tools in free time as I agree to the statement that no Antivirus is 100% secure. One such tool in my list is the Sophos Virus Removal Tool earlier known as Anti- Rootkit Tool that you can download from the link below.

Click Here To Download The Free Virus Removal Tool From Sophos


Direct Link To Download The Tool

Simply run the tool by clicking the scan now option as shown below and it will start detecting the infection in your computer, if it has any.

Sophos Anti Rootkit Tool
Many times it happened with me ( it happens if you will scan your computer with alternate tools ) that one tool detected an infection while others couldn`t. Once the Sophos tool detected a hidden ADS ( Alternate Data Stream ) while other security tools couldn`t detect it. The file was from an untrusted source and said WOW about the performance of the tool. So, its a good one to be added in your rescue toolkit as an alternate scanner.

The only thing that I don`t like about the tool is that if you wish to scan your computer after few days then it does not give you any option to update the database, however it will show you the message on the tool`s screen itself that the tool is out of date with a link to download the latest version of the same to scan your computer.

Download Latest Sophos Tool

Update: The latest version of the tool updates itself after launching it and I am glad to use it now as there is no need to download a complete setup everytime you wish to use the scanner. It will update on its own and upon completion you will see the up to date confirmation message as shown below:

Update Sophos Virus Removal Tool

Multiple times the removal tool detected threats as shown below, which other malware scanners could not detect. When I analyzed the file location then it seem to be a threat, so I randomly scan my computer using the tool and recommend the same to others.

Sophos Removal Tool Detects Threat

Sophos also has a free Antivirus for Mac and if you think that your Apple machine doesn`t need one then you need to think again or simply Google it if you need one for your Apple machine or not. Its not a bad advice to install one for free from a good vendor if you don`t want to buy one. You can also read their blog on security @ which is in my favorite reading list.

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