Apple & Samsung both are competing to get the top rank in the mobile market. I do not think if any other company is in the race as of now however there are many brands in the market and we can not predict the next revolution. Samsung smart phones are using Android OS and hence Gmail can be easily used to configure the Google Play store however Apple has everything of its own, the hardware, the software and hence we need a separate Apple ID to use the services from Apple. Apple ID is a unique ID that can be used on iTunes store, iCloud and other services provided by Apple.

I used to provide support for iTunes in 2007 where I used to assist people in configuring their Apple devices with the software and transferring the content between the device & PC. If I remember correctly, I also made an account earlier to use with iTunes however when recently I tried to create an ID, I faced issues in creating a working ID as it was not allowing me to create an account without adding a credit card. I thought of adding a virtual card but before that I thought of researching the options and finally was able to create an account without any card details.

Here is an article from Apple that explains the procedure of creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card however this does not work for all the countries, at least did not work for me. So, lets see how we can create an iTunes store account to install applications in the iOS devices.

1) Open iTunes and click on iTunes Store option as shown below.

iTunes Store Option

2) Scroll down the screen and at the bottom right, click on the redeem option.

iTunes Store Redeem Option

3) You would see a pop-up on the screen, please click on Create Apple ID option as shown below.

Apple ID Without Card

4) After that follow the on screen instructions like next and continue to create the ID and at the end you would get an option as "None" under payment methods to select and create your Apple ID without adding the credit card information. Select it and fill the form with required details, then click on Create Apple ID button to complete the procedure.

Create Free Apple ID

5) Once you would click on the create button, you would get an email to verify the email address and after verifying using the link in the email, please click on "OK" & start using the Apple ID to shop in or use the iTunes store.

Verify Your Apple ID
Apple is a brand name, famous for the features and functionality that it offers to its clients however I am surprised why it is not allowing users from many countries who are using Apple devices to make an Apple ID without the Credit Card. Do you have any idea? 

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