Configure Your Gmail Inbox For Better Management Of Emails


Google has continuously worked hard to improve Gmail since the launch of the service and no other email provider is in the list of its competitors. They have launched many features and most of them are being liked by people including me. Recent changes include the new compose feature ( I did not like this one ) & the new inbox where you can categorize your emails.

At the end of May, Google announced that a new inbox would be introduced for better management of emails. Around that time I noticed a new inbox in my Android device but not in my desktop version of Gmail. However today, I noticed that one of my Gmail account has got the tabs automatically and the rest of the accounts have got the "Configure inbox" option under the gear icon. If it is also enabled for your account then you will see few tabs at the top as shown below:

Google Launched Gmail Categories

You can edit the tabs as per your requirement by clicking the + sign at the top right hand corner as shown above. If the tabs are not enabled in your account then you can manually enable them by clicking the "Configure inbox" option under the gear menu as shown below:

Configure Inbox Under Menu

Once you click the option a new pop-up will be there using which you can select the tabs that you wish to see in your Gmail Inbox as shown below:

Select Gmail Inbox Tabs

In total there are 5 tabs that can be configured and I wish if Google would have provided an option for adding customized tabs as per our wish. If you find that a message has appeared under a tab where it should not come then you can right click the message to move it under a different tab as shown below:

Right Click Inbox Message

The configure inbox option should be there in most of the Gmail accounts by now, incase it is still not there in your account then you need to wait till Google brings the feature in your account. These days when we are fighting hard to keep spam content away in our emails, this awesome feature would help us in dealing with spam in a better way. What do you think about this smart move from Gmail? Do share your thoughts with us.

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