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Optical drives will become obsolete in the coming years as people are relying more on USB drives. The reason is the decreasing cost of thumb drives and they can be used again and again till the hardware failure occurs. However, optical drives are difficult to maintain because of their tendency to get scratches.

Earlier, I used to use too many CD/DVD drives for different purpose from storing data to burning bootable disks for different Operating Systems. But in the last two years I have not even used a complete set of disc pack because of bootable USB drives however earlier I used to use atleast 2 set of disc pack making a total of more than 100 optical drives.

I have used different tools for booting ISO images from the pen drive and also posted about few good ones. Be it the booting of Windows 7 or Fedora Linux, either you can use separate tools from the vendors or a single utility to put all your favorite ISOs on a single pendrive. I have been testing such a utility YUMI for a long time and it is an awesome tool to use.

There are many tools available over the web but I have not found one like YUMI. Many other tools also get detected as malicious one by different security vendors but this one works fine without any behavior detection from different Antivirus products. You can also put your Windows ISO images from XP to Windows 8 using this utility.

Let us see the step by step procedure of creating a bootable USB drive with multiple operating systems and utilities:

1) Download the YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) tool from, where you can find many other USB tools however as mentioned I found YUMI the best one followed by LiLi.

2) Once downloaded, run the utility and accept the license agreement

Bootable USB Creator Utility

3) On the next screen, select the drive letter for your USB Drive. You can also check show all drives option but it would list all the data drives in your PC. You may end up selecting either of those and accidentally, can delete the data from the drives, so it is better not to select the option.

4) Select the distribution that you wish to put on the thumb drive and after that locate the ISO image from your computer using the browse button and then click on create button.

Select Bootable ISO Image

5) At times, while selecting the ISO image, it may not get listed in the browser window. So start typing the initials of the ISO image so that it would be listed and then you can select the required one as shown below:

ISO Images Not Listed

6) Once you click on create, it will show a confirmation screen

Bootable USB Confirmation Message

7) And after clicking on yes, the process starts for making the bootable flash drive

Creating Bootable Drive Process

8) Once the process is complete, click on next.

Bootable USB Process Complete

 9) It will ask you if more ISO images should be added to the USB drive or not. You may add more using the procedure explained above or click no for now. You can later on add as much distribution as you wish depending upon the size of your flash drive.

Add More Bootable ISOs

9) Once you have completed the procedure to add your favorite ISO images to the flash drive, simply click on no to finalize the drive and then on finish button.

YUMI Installed Selected Images

Restart your computer to boot it from USB drive and then you would see an option menu to use the ISO images that you have put on the drive. I have added various ISO images and they run successfully from the drive. The only thing that I miss in the list is Red Hat Enterprise Linux and I am not able to boot the Kaspersky Rescue Disk using the utility. It shows the successfully added message for the ISO image of Kaspersky but it does not boot.

However, if you wish to boot Kaspersky Rescue Disk using a pen drive then I posted a tutorial here for the same.

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