Download Internet Explorer 9(Release Candidate) From Microsoft


Almost everyone when started working on computers and connected to internet I guess the browser used was internet explorer`s version and later on we moved to different browsers like mozilla,safari,chrome,opera and many other.Even I initially used IE and then moved to firefox,later on when windows 7 was released from then till now on win 7 I am using Internet Explorer 8 and was eagerly waiting for the next version of IE

Finally two days back microsoft released IE 9 the release candidate now you must be thinking what is a release candidate?So people from testing background must be aware of it else here is the definition

Its a pre-release version, which contains the desired functionality of the final version, but which needs to be tested for bugs (which ideally should be removed before the final version is released).


A version of a program that is nearly ready for release but may still have a few bugs,the status between beta version and release version

You can download the Internet Explorer 9 from the microsoft website which is specially for IE 9

Its another awesome release from microsoft and now waiting for the final relase

Features of IE 9

Improved JavaScript Engine Performance

Dynamic GPU Usage

Industry Leading Power Consumption Levels

Improved Usability

ActiveX Filtering

To read all features in detail just visit here  and see what all improved features you are getting,the only drawback of IE 9 is its only available for Windows 7 and Vista.So XP users cant install it however its always recommended to install and update the latest available browser and other softwares for your operating system to avoid any security breach

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