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Today everyone is celebrating Valentine's Day with their loved ones and all of you must be ready with the gift for your valentine. Many people order gifts online, like flowers or any other special gift for their valentine so that it would be delivered on time. At times, people order gifts via online portals as they do not want to go out because of busyness in life or as a result of tiredness too.

Malicious people are aware of all these facts and this thing is already there in a hacker's mind who will take advantage of your tiredness. They know that people have switched to online portals to order most of the things including gifts and other needful things. As a result, more malwares are being detected by different Antivirus vendors with the increase in number of internet users.

Nothing to worry about as its part of their job being hackers by profession and dedicated to the job. If you are really worried about your digital life then you have to take few steps for the security of your computer which is indeed the security of your bank accounts and card details.

First of all, let me tell you that a virus or any other malware is not specifically targeting you, they are targeting everyone on the internet. They are targeting all those people who are not taking precautions regarding the computer security. They keep on releasing new infections everyday whose intensity increases on festive seasons and around special days like the Valentine`s Day. They are also aware that people will shop more these days, as everyone normally does around the festive season. Even the virus creators shop for their loved ones so just follow few steps that will protect your PC from any kind of infection.

1) Make sure you are using a good security software. A good antivirus or internet security that should be updated regularly.

2) Always use genuine software as patched software and cracked software contain infections inside the crack (You need to carefully think about a person who is that much free to create a crack for you without getting anything in return, instead they are getting something in terms of your details and data when you use those pirated software)

3 ) Always update your Antivirus and all other software including your Operating System to the latest version and definitions as the updates fix the bugs to avoid any security breach.

4 ) Use browser security add-on which will inform you about the reputation of the websites and if they are safe to browse, you can also read our post about Essential Security Add-ons For Your Browser

5) In case you doubt your PC being infected because of the abnormal functioning then follow our virus removal guide here:

6) Don't click on unknown links even if they are from your friends (you never know if your friend has intentionally sent it or someone else from his/her account sent the link after compromising their account).

7) Always check the link (address/URL) of the website you are going to login like if you want to login to Facebook then it should be and not something like as it can be a fake website that has been set up to steal your login information (Yes, it can be done using phishing-a term might be unknown to you, but you can just Google it and you will be surprised to see the results).

8 ) Don't keep your other account details in a single account or anywhere else. If you have an account with Yahoo, containing all your other account details in it and someone takes over your Yahoo account then he will get access to all your account details whatever you have kept in it.

9 ) Always try to use a paid antivirus software that too a good one like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Zone Alarm, Emsisoft etc (You need to think again that if a company makes two software- one is free and other one is paid then if their free one will start detecting all the infections who would purchase the paid one? So, obviously there is a huge difference in that)

All these small tips will help you in better security and safe shopping, we always try to share all the security software's promo here and anyhow if someones skips the share, we keep on arranging different security giveaways. I hope all our readers are using good Antivirus and if you are looking for one then you can take part in our license giveaways:

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In case, you are facing any issue with your computer and tired of paying to technical support with no permanent solution then you can ask in our Tech Forum Here  free of cost. Get help and help others for a better and safe computing.

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