How To Enable Two Step Verification In Gmail


Last year in september we shared with you that google is launching two step verification for gmail here now finally they have implemented this on many gmail accounts and are in process of doing the same in all the accounts soon you will see this feature in your account too

Here is a step by step procedure how you can enable this security feature on your account

1 ) Login to your gmail account

2 ) 


Go to settings on the top right

3 )

Now go to the Accounts and Import tab

4 )

Click on Google Account settings option

5 ) 
Now here click on the Using 2-step verification option

6 )

Now on the new screen click on the Set up 2-step verification button

7 )

It will ask you to select your phone type so plz do that

8 )

Once you select your phone on the new screen type your mobile number and click send code button as shown in the image above,type in the code that you got in your mobile and click verify button

9 )
Now we have successfully configured our phone with the google account to get codes but before we can turn on the verification we need to add backup incase we want to access our account when we dont have the phone nearby so lets click on next

10 )

On next screen it will display 10 codes that you should print it out for future use,these are the backup codes incase your phones arent available,now lets add a backup phone number as well so click next

11 )

Here type in your backup phone number then click next as shown in the pic that you can use later on if anyhow you dont have the primary phone with you or the printed backup codes

12 )

On the next screen it will show you what all applications are there in your account that cant ask for verification code and you need to enter an application-specific password that you can create later,click next
13 )

Here just click the Turn on 2-step verification blue button

14 )
Once you do that you will see a pop up saying you would be signed out from your google account on all devices,click ok

15 )

Now it will ask your user id and password to login to your account then you need to type in the code that will be sent to your mobile and click verify,if you wish you can uncheck the Remember verification for this computer for 30 days so everytime you will get a new code on your mobile device even while you login from the same computer choice is yours,if you wish more security simply uncheck it

16 )

After signing in to your account it will prompt you to create passwords for those applications that cant ask for verification code you can do then or later

So finally all steps are completed and now your google account is much more powerful than ever,if someone knows your password then also he cant access your account unless they have access to your mobile phone

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