Now Enable https In Your Twitter Account & Get Extra Security


Twitter is the most visited social networking website after facebook and we all have a twitter account that we would like to protect forever.There are tools available that can capture the data packets in your network and other tricks are there to hack any twitter account and to protect it we can use the https protocol.Few days back twitter launched the https facility for all users.

Now what is https?Whole internet work on http which is a protocol and to be very simple an extra S adds a security layer to that protocol to make it https,if you wanna read in detail click the link below for wiki article

All banking sites and big sites use https for secure connection and now twitter is there in the list.Few days back facebook also launched the https facility for its users and you can read the article here how to enable it so if a website is giving us extra security we should use it instead of repenting later on incase someone hacks the account so lets go ahead and enable https for our twitter account.Just login to your twitter account

On the top right click on your user name and then click on settings

Now here on the settings page under account tab (page opens account tab by default when you click settings)just scroll down the page to the bottom and check Always use HTTPS then click on save.

It will prompt for your password just type in the same and click save changes.That`s it so simple few steps can enhance the security of your twitter account and protect it from getting hacked so dont wait another moment and do this on your twitter account.Dont forget to let others know about this so that they can also protect their account like you did.You can also join the list of our followers on twitter@expertsgalaxy for more such tips in future.

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