Get Emsisoft Mamutu One Year License Free Via CNET


Emsisoft is another great security company whose products I like a lot and specially use Emsisoft Anti-Malware while fixing my clients virus issues.Emsisoft has another great product which is Mamutu.Its a behavioural based antimalware program.Mamutu recognizes and reports the following types of behavior:

    * Backdoor related behavior
    * Spyware related behavior
    * HiJacker related behavior
    * Worm related behavior
    * Dialer related behavior
    * Keylogger related behavior
    * Trojan Downloader related behavior
    * Injection of code into other programs
    * Manipulation of programs (patching)
    * Invisible installations of software
    * Invisible Rootkit processes
    * Installation of services and drivers
    * Creation of Autostart entries
    * Manipulation of the Hosts file
    * Changes of the browser settings
    * Installation of debuggers on the system
    * Simulated mouse and keyboard activity
    * Direct disk sector access on harddisk
    * Changes of the system group policies [NEW!]

You can read everything about Mamutu at below link

Now Emsisoft in cooperation with CNET is giving 1 year license of Mamutu absolutely free.Just visit the promo link below

At the end of the page click on the grab your free copy link ( This free offer is good until Sunday, May 1, 11:59 p.m. PDT )and it will redirect you to the trial pay page.Fill up the form and click continue as shown below

On the next page it will show your order details just click Place my order as shown in the image below

And you successfully placed your order for free,click on the Get your product now red button at top right as shown in the image below and it will display your Emsisoft Mamutu Activation key with instructions and a NOTE: This key must be activated within 30 days of receipt to be valid.

You can download the trial version of software from the below link and use the serial to make it full version.

Now you got another security product worth $27 free which you can use with your antivirus and its not signature based its behavioural based software which does not conflict with your current antivirus.Dont forget to share it with your friends so that they can also get good security on their computer and save some $$$$$.So dont wait and share it with all using the sharing options below.

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