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Do you own any website?If yes then this widget is for you.We keep on updating our website and doing SEO on it and as we all know today the power is social networking so why dont give our readers cool options to share the content of our website the easiest and cool way.

ShareThis is an awesome plugin for your Blogger or Wordpress blog.I used this plugin a long time back and switched to a different unsatisfied,not properly working & bad performing plugin and when I came back to ShareThis website I found they improved a lot and damn awesome.

To install this plugin to your website or blog just follow the instructions below

1 ) Go to their get sharing button page at the below link

2 ) Select the platform where you wish to install the button like Blogger,Wordpress or Website as shown below

3 ) Now the next step is customizing your sharing widget out of the 4 styles and what all options you want to give your readers for social bookmarking.You can select among many services and can arrange the sequence of the selected services according to your choice as shown in the image below

4 ) Now the final step is to choose the share widget style out of Oauth widget & Classic widget style,once you click on it you will see the difference in both.Once you decide which one to choose just click on the Get the button green box as shown in the image and install your widget.

If you need the widget for your Website or Newsletter it will ask you to Sign in or Register which is free as you normally do on any other website.If you need this for your Blogger account you dont need to register at ShareThis however you need to sign in to your Blogger account.If you need it for your Wordpress blog you can see the link below that how you can install it from your control panel like you install any other plugin

However on my other Wordpress hosted sites I also use Shareaholic (Unfortunately not available for Blogger platform ) which is another damn good social sharing plugin.If you use any other sharing plugin on your site that does the job perfectly for you also let us know via the coment form below so that our readers can also make use of it if they find it more useful then these two.And if you like the post make use of the installed ShareThis plugin below and share it with your friends which is the best social sharing plugin available for Blogger platform.

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