How To Fix Your Blogger Login Issues?


Blogspot is a great blogging platform provided by Google free of cost and they keep on improving it.Even if I have two paid hosting accounts one is linux based and another is windows based still I love to use the Google`s platform for my blogs.These days it seems Google is implementing new features and improvement to its blogging service.Many blogs are available in read only mode and owners are facing issues logging in to their blogspot account including me even if we can access other services associated with our Google account like Gmail,Orkut without any problem.

Are you also facing the same issues with your blogspot account?Either opening it or getting an error after login in

Whenever we try to open either we are getting Oops!this link appears to be broken error

When you click on the link next to Did you mean text in red as shown above in the image,it takes you to the dashboard of your account

Or will give a not found error as shown below

So here are two solutions to fix your problem of logging in to your blogspot account :

1 ) First is to switch your browser,if your default browser is Firefox then try to log in using Chrome,Internet Explorer,Safari,Opera or whatever you can think of.It really works for me and many fellow bloggers.But its really frustrating atleast for me keep on trying which browser is working at a certain period of time

2 ) Simply try opening instead of and trust me it works for me everytime in this downtime too.Earlier both were working without any issues but now is working perfectly fine.Might be Google is doing a perfect and final switch.

So go ahead and login to your account and start updating your blogs if you havent because of this issue.Incase there is any other trick that works for you do let us know using the comment form below so that we can share with fellow bloggers who wanna update their blogs desperately.

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