Red Hat Released Fedora 15 ( Lovelock ) With GNOME 3


Fedora is an awesome free linux based operating system from Red Hat that I love to use apart from its server OS.Last week they launched the awesome Fedora 15 with  latest version of GNOME 3 as the default desktop environment.GNOME & KDE are the two main desktop environments for the UNIX operating systems.You can download and install Fedora from the below link and you would love to work on it.As Microsoft keeps on working on the appearance of their new OS apart from security,it seems the new distros of Linux as well working hard on their appearance.I havent tried all the latest distros but yeah did experiment the latest release of Fedora & Backtrack 5.They both have improved a lot in terms of appearance.

If you are not familiar with any desktop environment in the above link download the top one which is GNOME based edition.Make sure you download the correct ISO image either 32-bit or 64-bit depending upon the processor you are running.If you do not wish to install Fedora on your hard drive you can simply use the live cd to test it OR you can also install it inside your Windows as a virtual machine using Virtual Box and later on can install it on your hard drive with other operating systems.
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You can see the desktop of Fedora in the above image,on the top left once you click on Activities it will display more options with Windows & Applications tab as shown below

Click on the applications tab and you will see all installed apps under it as shown in the image below.You can either view applications category wise or can search it using the provided search box at top right

To install Fedora 15 on your computer`s hard drive click the last icon under the Windows tab with a green down arrow on it as shown below

Once you double click it the Fedora installer will start and you can follow my step by step tutorial here to install Fedora in your computer & dont forget to let us know how do you like the new appearance of latest version of Fedora via the comment option below :)

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