Have You Added Google +1 Button To Your Blogs & Site?


I have seen many people in different forums and over the web who want more traffic on their site like we all  wish but they do not add the sharing options on their blogs.So all my friends who are looking for more traffic on their blog apart from adding posts to your blog I would like to know have you added the social sharing widgets on your blog like the Facebook like and StumbleUpon button?If not you must add so that if someone visits your blog and like your posts he/she can share with others easily with one click.If you havent added do add them asap.Apart from the old ones here is the new trend Google +1 button so add the button to your site by just visiting the link below and configure your button according to your need


Add it to your blog so that if someone likes the post can give it a +1 and if someone searches something over google and finds your link in the search result will see that his friend has given a +1 to this link and likely will open your link instead of other search results

Google introduced the +1 button in March and since yesterday its available to all sites across the web.It will take the Google search service to new heights.If you would like to tell us & other readers about any other social sharing button that you think must be added to the blogs do let us know via the comment option below.You guys can check my blog,if you need something and how to do that let me know via forum so that I can help you with the same.I have searched hours in google and experimenting things so would like to share with you to save your time.

via [ Google Webmaster Blog ]

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