Facebook Launched Video Calling Feature Powered By Skype


Finally after sometime Facebook is back in normal routine else its Google+ everywhere now a days.When Google launched its https://plus.google.com service,Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg announced that FB users would get a surprise gift and here it is The Facebook face-to-face video calling feature powered by Skype.I was expecting this feature long time back when heard that Facebook working on a deal with Skype.Now the competition will be more tough resulting in a great user experience either at Facebook or @ Google+

Now you can activate Facebook video calling feature in your profile to do webcam chat with your friends and I guess it will result in more spam and scams too,so you need to take of that as well.Lets see how to activate facebook video chat for your profile?

1 ) Login to your facebook account

2 ) Visit the link @ https://www.facebook.com/videocalling

3 )   Click the get started green button as shown in the image below

4 ) On the right hand side it will show your friend list and ask who do you want to call ?

5 ) Click on any friend`s name as you normally do to start a chat and then click the cam icon in the chat window as shown in the image below

6 ) A pop up will appear asking you to complete a one time setup,just click on setup


7 ) Once you click on set up,it will start a facebook video call setup download

8 ) Save and install it as you normally install any software

9 ) Once its complete it will start calling your friend

10 ) If your friend has enabled this feature,the call gets connected else it will ask your friend to complete the set up as well and you would see on the screen that he is setting up now

11 ) Once the set up is complete at your friend`s end too the call gets connected and you can talk face to face as you do in any messenger say Yahoo

12 ) The good thing is incase your friend is unavailable,you may leave a video message by clicking on record message button as shown below

Now if you have added thousands of unknown people then you may get many incoming video calls as well,if you dont wish to talk to someone simply click Ignore instead of Answer call in the incoming call as shown below

Incase your webcam is busy in any other application you may get an error message that call in progress as shown in the image

Lets see after launching the video calling option if Facebook can prevent its users switching to Google+ as it has much more options as compared to Facebook specially the limited sharing feature known as Stream.As if now Google Plus is an invitational sign up service so if you are tired of FB and dont want to be on it,you can switch to Google+.If you dont have an invitation you can get Google Plus Invitation Here.Also Beware Of Fake And Malicious Google Plus Invitations

However if you dont like the video calling option anytime you can stop this service by just uninstalling the software that we downloaded in above steps.Lets see how to disable video chat in Facebook ?

Simply go to control panel and then :

Add or Remove Programs ( Windows XP )

Program and Features ( Vista & Windows 7 )

In the installed list of softwares just look for facebook video calling 1.xx and uninstall it as you normally remove any software from the computer.Later on if you again make up your mind to use the feature just repeat step 1-12 posted above

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