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Today I got an email from the Big G that it has started Google Play.As I am always interested in using new and existing services from Big G,I thought that what this Google Play would be?I have been exploring the service for the last couple of hours & happy to say that Google Play = your favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games that you can access either from web or using your android device but sadly its not for all countries.Last year as well Google started Google Music that was available for US only and they said soon it would be available for all but still after integrating it in Google Play its limited to US :(

The about page for the Google Play is at


Google always makes smart use of technology and the same it did again by making use of cloud technology for entertainment and fun in terms of mobility.Google Plus has four different categories as follows

1 ) Movies

2 ) Music

3 ) Apps & Games

4 ) Books

To read the full feature of Google Play just visit the link below


Google Movies,Google Music,Google Books & Android Market are integrated in Google Play by the name Google Play Movies ( Available in US, UK, Canada, and Japan ).Google Play Music ( Available in US ),Google Play Books ( Available in US, UK, Canada, and Australia ) & Google Play Store respectively.The only category as if now that sounds interesting to me is the Google Play Music where one can store 20K songs free of cost to listen anywhere under one account that makes an approx total of 100 GB which is more than enough for me as songs folder.Sadly till now even after integrating the service in Google Play its available for US only but I am eagerly waiting to get this service in my country India

Earlier I noticed that while signing out from Gmail its getting routed via Youtube url,recently Google introduced the new privacy policy and now they introduced Google Play,it seems they do not want to take any risk so that Facebook can even think of taking over the Google empire.They are planning,changing and implementing innovative things to get hold of the internet.Google Plus wasnt much impressive to me as I was expecting it to be after the open invitation but I believe with few changes in it they can rule the social network world.I like the fundamental of Google Play and think it would be a big hit once they roll it out for every country.What about you?What do you think about this new Google move?Do share your views with us.

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