How To Install Fedora Linux Using USB Flash Drive Or Pendrive ?


As I am a Fedora fan after RHEL,I love to explore it as much as I can whenever time allows me.Recently I posted the official method to install Windows 7 here,then I thought lets go ahead and install Fedora using USB drive.So here is the step by step tutorial to install Fedora linux in your computer,choice is yours if you will do a clean install or dual boot computer.

1 ) Download the liveusb-creator from the below link

2 ) Install and start it to resume our Linux journey.Now once the tool is up locate your Fedora ISO file using the browse button as shown below or if you do not have the ISO file the tool gives you the option to download your favorite version ( Its always recommended to use the latest version for security purpose )

3 ) It will show your located ISO file at the bottom including the detected USB device ( if any compatible USB is connected ).Just click on the " Create Live USB " button at the bottom and it will start doing the magic.If your USB drive is not in supported file system you will get the error shown below.You need to format the drive as FAT file system and then repeat the process

 4 ) Once its complete you will see the message at the extreme bottom.It took 3.15 minutes in my Pentium 4 test machine to create the live USB as shown in the image
 Now your live USB is ready to use on computers that support booting from a USB device.If you arent yet familiar with the installation of Fedora simply Click Here For The Step By Step Guide To Install Fedora Linux.Dont forget to share your experience of installing Fedora either with USB or cd with us.

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